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Never mind the London sewer system of the 19th century, the Romans built a system of sewers and aquaducts before the time of Christ that the niggers will never be able to build on their own. They don't have the DNA for it.

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Was going to say that. London's sewage is an expansion of the Roman one. Let's see if niggers get to 300 BC before asking if they can manage 1850.

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I'm watching the video of some Nigerian chimps trying to put out a car fire with raw human sewage from a tanker truck and I'm just thinking the same exact thing. These people do not have the DNA to live in a similar manner to most Europeans/Americans/Asians/etc. Watching them do even basic stuff like putting out a fire is like watching chimps try and pull off the Apollo 11 mission. It's way above their pay grade.

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Why build a toilet and sewer system when there's a nice clean European street to shit in?

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Damn rights. The romans built shit allover Europe that's still standing and would be fully useable.

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Your question cannot actually be answered. Without constant prodding from the white man Africa will NE-VER build a sewage system. Not in 160 years. Not in 360 years. Not in 10,000 years. It quite simply will not happen.

Although given the remarkably virulent diseases we keep having to beat down there likely won't BE any Africans in 360 years to need a toilet.

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Let's hope that their destructive massive massive overbreeding will have such consequences. Although now that the cucked rulers of the first world make it so easy for the african surplus population to ship itself (and its diseases and dysfunction) to the rest of the world, who knows.

One thing this post makes me wonder about. Colonialization of Africa caused lots of modern infrastructure to be built, certainly in african cities at least--plumbing, utilities and so forth--what's happened to all that development since they took over? I guess if South Africa is any example, the answer is obvious.

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I know that niggers can destroy a city's functioning sewage system in about half a decade.

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What just by flushing ridiculous shit down the toilet? Only five years seems pretty impressive for non-purposeful destruction.

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Left to their own devices will never get past the stone age. I'm not exaggerating.

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Nope, and you're right. Why do you suppose the left is so hell bent on perpetuating a species that, without even having the brain power to know they're doing it, is destroying civilization and it's obvious to anyone looking? What do they hope to gain? You can't have a civilization when one group of "people" are shitting in the streets.

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When is hell scheduled to freeze over?

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But, but, but dey wuz Gypshunz.

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They don't build things. They destroy what they are given.

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They need to make a lot more jenkem. A SHITLOAD of jenkem!

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