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Good for her!!! Kick that fat violent asshat to the curb.

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Warms the heart, also glad I couldnt hear them nigs at the end.

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Good stuff. We still have people who stand up for decency to say the least. I bet this Negress will cry about the situation and go dye her hair blonde or something like that.

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True, true, good to see her not just being intimidated. Boon might dye her hair, but won't drop 100 lbs, that would require physical effort and restraint. Cheerleader not wanting to fight, getting hit first while sitting down makes it great. Obviously in good shape, but if she had a little boxing or m.a. training, it would have been veterinary hospital time.

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That takedown looked like she did have some training. Tough cat there.

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Unfortunately she might get punished by the school along with nig. It happened to me when I had to fight back against niggers in school. I think it's school policies now to punish everyone involved in a fight. American schools are so fucking terrible. They are a joke.

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I don't get why fat people think they can fight athlete's. It never goes well for them.

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Tell me niggers dont sound like howler monkeys ! Go ahead, I dare ya.

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Wife material.

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Love those dual purpose brides. Bodyguard (or at least hold their own while you're otherwise occupied) and look good while doing it.

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Would it sadden you to know she might be a coalburner?

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Indeed it would. That would be a deal breaker.

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Always remember to leash your pets.

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Better yet, kennel them.

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