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You guys need to back off. He was just having a bad day because he had some chafing on his front hole. Serena is a strong, beautiful man of color who just wanted the umpire to gibs him dat point.

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"Gorilliams" Fucking KEK. I don't give a shit what the fuck the stupid nigger did, that part of the title is absolutely amazing.

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I should have worded the title a bit different.. She chimped out because she got caught cheating.. (Imagine that? a nigger cheating). and then got called on it.. Then went on to lose the title to a virtually unknown player. Happy ending!

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The unknown is a half-nog they're marketing as Japanese. Why the fuck can't we have something nice and white and orderly? Why does everything have to be taken over by fucking nogs?

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She went all King Kong n sheeit. That bitch is one manly shegroe !

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pure 'Roid rage, say anything negative about this doper on facebook/reddit you get censored and banned

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Groid Rage.

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That's one ugly boon. I just saw a commercial with her too. I didn't know she was endorsed by Chase Bank.

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This makes Jimmy Connors and John McEnroe, at their worst, look like choirboys. Sure she will blame this all on race, and her baby.

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Why is she not in the spear chuckers Ochympics? Tennis would seen hard to play with nigger paws. Sheboon doing a cat 2 gibs chimpout on yt

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Why do we allow non-humans to play in human sports? Air Bud was a movie goddammit. What next, Francis the fucking mule is joining the Yankees to pitch baseball?

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