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because they are animals. they have no control over their emotions. they were raised by other animals who didn't teach them basic manners. furthermore, they are inconsiderate of other people and actually enjoy being obnoxious and pissing off others. it gives them a false feeling of power to negatively affect someone else, ESPECIALLY a white person who they know they are inferior to.

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This may sound extreme for some people, but it really isn't.

We are all animals, but some are closer to the jungle than others so to speak. It's not even strange, since we are completely different subspecies with vastly different brains, both in shape and complexity.

White decorum doesn't exist in their minds because that would require an ability for empathy, or putting yourself in someone else's shoes. Do you often see Asians/jews/blacks showing this empathic trait?

A good sign of this inability is how they treat both animals and each other.


Are Africans A Different Subspecies? | Tara McCarthy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mkwewTlxS9k


E: Another good example is the mirror test. You know how only a few animals on this planet understand that they can see themselves in a mirror (and not another animal, aka self-awareness)? They sometimes draw a mark on the test subject to see if the subject tries to touch when it's visible in the mirror etc.

Western children first show signs of mirror self-recognition (MSR) from 18 to 24 months of age, the benchmark index of emerging self-concept. Such signs include self-oriented behaviors while looking at the mirror to touch or remove a mark surreptitiously placed on the child’s face.

However, when 5 year old children in Kenya were given this test, they failed miserably. Read this quote from the test.

Full Mirror test article


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So you are saying, "the Bix is in equal proportions to the nood"?

Seriously, it was an interesting post. Thanks.

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Excellent articulation

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This is the correct answer.

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Very true, and their plains were wide. Interesting how Alps or Francos people can project a voice 3/8 mi thru a valley or across a hillside. Sustained from the bottom of their lungs, like opera, but nothing like the bass and screech. I have also noticed that the loudest show-off rednecks at bonfire are the ones that will end up at hospital. Niggers' loudness serves no purpose now, in this country, other than thumping on their chest.

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Howler monkeys

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Emotionally they are stunted children

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Cuz they are all sociopaths with zero thought of how their actions may negatively impact others.

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As a kid growing up in South Africa, we were taught that being loud was part of their culture which was to be respected as part of the rich tapestry of life. We were told it stemmed from having to communicate over large distances in the bush. We were also told the fact a Bantu can never look a human in the eye had NOTHING to do with them being shifty dishonest bush kaffers, but rather that is was a sign of respect for whomever they were talking to.

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We were also told the fact a Bantu can never look a human in the eye had NOTHING to do with them being shifty dishonest bush kaffers, but rather that is was a sign of respect for whomever they were talking to

Was told the exact same thing by my coal-burner Russian language teacher who married a French-speaking nigger.

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I feel your pain and beaners are no different. Drunk mexicans are the fucking worst out in public. Pretty much no one except white people and asians were taught to have any sense of civility or manners in public places. Niggers don't even know what being "rude" is, so they don't even know they're being rude. For these animals that's just the way you normally behave in their natural environment.

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They get excited and can't control themselves. That's their problem -- they can't control themselves.

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I think impulse control is probably the biggest difference between us and them

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