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Produced by (((Jerry Bruckheimer))), kikes gonna kike.

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Hollywood has been doing this for decades. I just watched the 1985 movie American Flyer last night. It's about bicycle racing in the United States. I couldn't believe how many niggers were in it! Half the movie was set on the campus of a black college. The girlfriend of Kevin Cosner was a nigger. Her parents make an appearance. The athlete's trainer is a nigger with a nigger son, and they take up a huge amount of screen time. One of the main riders in the bicycle race is a nigger. But the joke is, there are almost no niggers in the sport of road cycling. At one point the black trainer asks his overweight black son if he's noticed that there are almost no blacks in cycling, and tells him he should become a cyclist. The fat nigger kid just rolls his eyes.

This movie was made more than 30 years ago, and it's wall-to-wall niggers pushing the message of miscegenation and mixed racial marriage.

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I'll have to skip that one.

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12 Strong is trash.

I remember when Black Hawk Down came out and some Jew critic went on about only one black dude being a Ranger despite there only being one black dude who was in Task Force Ranger. He said he would've liked more diversity...

I find it painfully ironic considering that there were certainly no lack of niggers in BHD because SOMEBODY had to be the Somalians.

If it were made today they'd make half the Rangers black and the Somalians evil Neo Nazis. At least two Rangers would half to be gay and there would be a tough female who could work a SAW better than any man.

Military films now are nothing than revisionist fanfiction.

The last decent one was Restrepo and that was simply a camera crew following 173rd ABN.

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Expecting Hollywood to tell the truth is a lot like expecting a nigger to tell the truth.

Believe it or not . . . . Hollyweird may be the one place where the niggers have the kikes running scared. The Nigger Apes Alligators Coons and Possums organization opened a field office in Hollywood not too long ago with the explicit mission of pressuring jew studio owners and producers to put more niggers on TV and in the movies.

Basically . . . . one group of kikes pressuring another group of kikes.

Damn I wish that fucking state would just sink.

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Didn't you know nigger soldiers did all the work in WW II ?

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Honestly if only we drafted all of them and used them for cannon fodder...

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Movie BAT*21, based on true story except for the nigger pilot rescuing him the White Col.

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how i felt about handmaid's tale too. i was like...in a community like gilead why would like want nigger handmaids or nigger lover handmaids? so weird

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It's going to be funny when they erase their own history of victimhood. Can't exactly have everyone racist AND have a nigger Mayor, Hero, BFF, or whatever. It's like the crappy Beauty and the Beast. The townspeople were such racist/ignorant/backwater trash that they had a wealthy black guy running the only library. Sure.... That makes sense...

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