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Burn them in a pile... with the national anthem playing while everyone stands and faces the American Flag... film and post it everywhere!!!!

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But now you have an entire school's sports team that needs to be outfitted. It isn't like Nike is going to get any new orders they actually might have had anytime in the future.

Kapershit is a better ad for under armor by being in Nike commercials.

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Hey, I've got an idea. Let's start a campaign to hang Nike sneakers up in trees and on lampposts. Just tie the shoelaces together and throw them up into the trees. Let them swing in the wind, as a warning to other sneaker companies.

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My dad was an old sailor/engineer. Taught us to do only about 6 knots, but one of those was the double noose, which doesn't bind like the single version. We can say that are just up there to "air them out." Jim Caviezel "Idea of the Day" award goes to you. https://i.pinimg.com/736x/c7/c3/7b/c7c37b525025d22a07c8ec6a37d3a4e4.jpg

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I've been trying to convince my brother to go to this college for a while now.

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Fuck Nige !!

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