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Blacks love chicken

Blacks do not care about living in filth

Black city littered with chicken bones

Blacks cannot figure out why there are so many chicken bones littering the streets as they finish the last bite of chicken and toss the bone on the ground.

Sounds about right.

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Just like Chicken Bone Beach. It because of blacks. There is no mystery. The answer is pretty fucking obvious.

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Why did you get flak?

Speaker 1: Because it’s of a black guy eating chicken.

Speaker 2: I’m black, by the way, so I’m can completely defend this. It’s just a screenshot of a random fucking YouTube video.

Speaker 1: And if someone feels that upset about it, I’m sorry, but I’m not trying to offend anybody. Everybody’s responsible for all these bones everywhere. It’s not one person or group of people. It’s our culture here in Atlanta, and that’s kind of what makes it the best, because anybody can drop chicken bones here.

Have you dropped chicken bones?

Speaker 2: Oh, for sure!

Speaker 1: We drop chicken bones all the time, come on. We’re always on the go.

"Everybody’s responsible for all these bones everywhere." he says, standing beside a black man who drops chicken bones in Atlanta.

Speaker 1: Until Mayor Kasim Reed figures out why this is happening, we’re going to keep documenting it. We’re bringing this to Capitol Hill! I want answers!

Speaker 2: Yeah. I want to get to the fucking bottom of why there are so many chicken bones.

Now he din du nuffin, and the mayor gots to figure it out!

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Dey " Demandin ansuhzz n sheeit" .

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I am perplexed as to what the source of these chicken bones could be. It couldn’t possibly be niggers, they’re just like me and I use trash cans like a fucking human. The mind boggles.

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I have multiple times literally seen niggers knuckle-drag down the street (they refuse to walk on the sidewalks for some reason...) and drop McNigger's burgers wrappers and bags as they eat. I wonder if the libtards who love their pet apes so much realize THEY are the biggest thoughtless slob ecological litterers and polluters. I have also see niggers change the oil in their hoopties (a rare event since niggers are strangers to regular auto maintenance) and pour the drained, spent oil RIGHT DOWN A STORM DRAIN! No kidding!

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And some people still can't figure out why subsaharan africa is such a shithole.

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Yeah , real head scratcher ! Uhmmmm, lets see , Atlanta, lots of burrhead liverlipped savages, chicken bones litter the skreetz, uhhmmm, NIGGERS ?

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Uncontrollable fit of laughter. Thank you!

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The guys running he account say they don't want race out there but look at the way they talk

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I know, it's beyond ridiculous.

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Is just repeating what he heard his teacher keep replaying. Dindu nothing but what he was programmed to. https://images.encyclopediadramatica.rs/2/23/Please-insert-disk-2.jpg