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shes blinking in hell right now, trying to realize where she fucked up, while choking on satans cock

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Police say the whore's killer met her on the night she died. It sent text messages to a fellow spook, saying, “I just met this sexy ass white bitch, at her house in Ardmore now.” That text message was sent at 2:40 a.m. on the morning she died.

On Aug. 22, authorities say the mudshark took a Lyft to Philly where she later met the rape ape near South Broad and 13th Streets. Around 3 a.m. the coalburner and the rape ape traveled back to Ardmore where they entered the whore's apartment, said authorities.

Steele says a violent struggle ensued inside the apartment where the slut was beaten and strangled.

An autopsy report confirms the former (((Playboy))) prostitute had a broken nose and was strangled.

The jig suspected of killing her was just released from prison in July.

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LOL, I bet she even paid for the lyft back to her place. He probably even stole the bus fare from her purse.
And I bet she wouldn't even fucking touch a white guy who earned less than 6 figures.

Went out for a bit of rough trade, and got it.

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Any human that has the misfortune of dating filth like this can be assured no matter the reason the relationship started in the first place, in the back of their mind they’re constantly thinking about ways to get them some coalburning action on the side.

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Thanks for that translation. Made me chuckle

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And nothing of value was lost. All joke aside, niggers need to go back to Africa all culture need to go back to their respective territories and stop leaching off the what the white man created. Niggers back to their mud huts, sand people to their sand villages, street shitters to their shitty streets. As you may or may not have learned in 3rd grade if you mix all the colors together you get one color. The shit color.

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No fucking loss.

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Holy don't give a shit, Batman! Na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na! Don't give a shit!

She made her decision, too bad, so sad, don't give a shit. It's less News than "Meh." Fry the nigger, but don't shed a tear over the spoiled stupid whore.

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NFL kneelers would call his arrest injustice and inequality.

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Bring on the CTE-related murder/suicides in 10-15 years

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It was a violent death and we are going to persue justice in this case.

IMO, half of the justice has been paid.

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A murder-suicide would have been better but they have to do everything half-assed.

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