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What kind of idiot would trust the care of their children to a nigger?

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Three things you never do:

  1. Never eat anything cooked or served by a nigger.
  2. Never leave your child or your aged relative alone with a nigger.
  3. Never turn your back on a nigger.

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Right ! As a grade school student, tptb, unleashed nigger savages upon us. I and most of the other human kids were convinced our parents didn't really love us like they said, because they left us to our fate. Some of us humans became gladiators, the rest resembled soldiers with what they used to call battle fatigue. Im not exaggerating, it was fucking inexcusable.

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If it was a niglett, thats just what is required to have them somewhat behaved. If it was a human child, cut that niggers hand off.

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"Director" did they check her fakediploma.com credential? This "Akan" tribe nigger from Ghana needs to go back to her "mudda lan" Why would you hire an african savage thing that looks like a man and has a name of Adetokunbo O. Akinnaso?

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What I said when I saw the thumbnail.

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Go to the zoo and see if you can tell the difference between male and female gorillas. Same thing with groids.

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Piccaninny Fingers ... Sounds like a candy my grandparents would eat while watching Fred Astaire movies at the Bijou ...

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You wouldn't leave your childreb alone with a feral animal, why would you entrust their very lives and well-being with one? In a just world, this filthy nog would get it's paws cut off for even threatening innocent children.

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Some peoples children....