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You're lucky you reached your white fairy godmother.

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It does feel like hitting the powerball, when you are dealing with a gov. bureaucracy and you actually get a human to deal with rather than a trousered ape.

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Man, I felt so good when someone would call, and just by hearing my voice would say, "Oh my god! I finally got someone who doesn't live in India! How are you, son?" Made my day, to be able to help someone out, who couldn't talk to a competent person, beforehand.

In fact, those were my favourite calls: when people called in super angry, because they'd only dealt with pajeets or niggers, and all their shit got fucked up, because of it. I fixed everyone's problems. They would thank me profusely, offer to talk to my manager and sing my praises. They damn-near loved me like a son, over the phone, because I solved, in five minutes, what months of calls never did.

This was as a high-schooler, working at a call center, for billing. Solving people's problems made me feel so intrinsically good, that I couldn't help being the best, in the whole call center, for it. Got blackballed by HR, for any promotions. Shovelled shit at the wall, to get me demoted. Never could fire me: I was too good at my job for them to be able to justify it. This was my first lesson in office politics.

Quit that job while I was still ahead. Never looked back. Which is kinda sad, in retrospect. I could have helped that company so much, just by applying common sense. Insecure faggots, fearful for their livelihood, ruined that for me. I just didn't know how to play the game, back then. Oh well, I'm better off for it, now. *shrug*

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That's because those pajeets don't have the authority to do anything. Once the company decides to hire domestic workers, giving them the power to write off a $300 bill is nothing compared to having to pay for that call center worker. But if they're using pajeets, they're doing it to be cheap and that means the pajeets also don't have the authority to give credits.

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No shit! I almost proposed, sight unseen!

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No need for the disclaimer, no one gives a shit. Racist is a faggot word anyway, at this point it's just a slur against white people. Insisting you aren't a racist is like a nigger insisting they aren't a nigger.

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Im not racist either, I just hate niggers.

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Not a racist. Hate 'em all . . .

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If this is the NSA honeypot that I think it is, intentional or not, I just wanted that in there in case I get charged with wrong think in the future.

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The whole Internet is an NSA honeypot.

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Get the same thing at the VA on occasion

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The VA has to be tough. Not only are you a whitey, you probably killed some brownies. I think that only veterans should be allowed to work at the VA.

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its gotten better. Most recently I encountered a black veteran working as a receptionist. Outright rude to all the whites. Shuckin and jivin with the blacks. Fuck him. I dropped a dime on him.

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This is the only way to deal with the VA niggers. VA niggers are the most gatekeeping racists on the face of the earth. They get the rope first.

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How exactly do you deny niggers at the ER? I've sort of done it by refusing to have this worthless nigger slime keep stabbing my arm with a needle. Asian lady came and threaded that thing in no problem, first try, zero pain. If you get a nigger at the ER your life is in dire risk, but how the fuck do you get that across without getting overdosed by a stupid fucking subhuman?

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Tell them politely but firmly you are not comfortable receiving your healthcare from them. I just say I have ptsd from being a victim of a violent crime by an negroe, and dont want any negroes " caring" for me. Its your right, and happens more often than you'd think.

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Interesting. I'd still be worried, if they just weren't allowed in our society it would be way better

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As someone who has been beaten and shot by the groids, I can actually legitimately make this claim. No niggers around here though. It's the SJW's, hajis, and queers running the medical show. My task today is gathering medical records so I can report them to the medical licensing board.

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I ripped the tubes/electrodes off, looked at them like the pieces of shit they are, and walked the fuck out during the middle of a heart attack, with a blood pressure of 250/205. I'd rather die in the parking lot than let one of them kill me.

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I was there for what I thought was a heart attack, turned out to be some kind of anxiety attack from dealing with subhumans all day and not being able to deal with them properly.

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Yes, I always do that when calling companies or whatever. Just keep hanging up till I get a human.

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I agree with you about what makes someone a nigger.

Pro-tip: Press 2 for spanish. They speak english also and are never niggers.

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Sound advice, they can be hot as hell too but Spain's too far away and first world women are all generally vapid trash at the core. I did meet a Spanish girl online that built her own house from natural materials on an abandoned factory property near Barcelona. She's amazing other than some mental health issues typical to those that are awake in an ocean of zombies. I wish I had the resources to get her over here!

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This reply was intended for a totally different thread.. Weird!

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Two things: Job basics and tribalism. They say they read the manual but they don't. They skim over the first couple pages and that's it. The other thing is you're not a nigger. If you sounded like a nigger and said, "ey girrrl, page 17, in da box, fist line. It say I get da benfit." Please know that whites are going to listen and understand much better than any other colour for you. Chinks will side with chinks, japs with japs, niggers with niggers etc etc.

What many people don't understand is the percentage. This goes back to tribalism. I searched and could not find the muslim percentage infographic but long story short at 1% they are peaceful, at 2-5% begin separatism, 5-10% begin division, greater than 10% begin to want to take over. Those words and numbers are most likely incorrect but it is something to that effect.

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what's the difference between separatism and division.

at 0%+ I begin mcnuke

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I apologize for not explaining better. Separatism was from the 'normal' society. This is in regards to muslims building their own churches and incorporating their own churches and lifestyle. Division is in regards to the subsects of their religion. The simplest is shite and sunni. That is when they will begin to fight each other and outside religtions.

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Black people are some racist motherfuckers. But they're allowed to be because no SJWs are gonna call them out on it. They're only rude and combative because your name is Jonathan, not Jamal.

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I know. I went to a high school with 2500 of them and 40 white kids. No idea how I survived but it made me tough as CPM10V nails. I'm generally a positive guy and really didn't want to be a racist but their cultures are a disease on the planet and need to go if we're ever going to have any semblance of peace. I'm not sure they even have the ability to convert to a more sustainable and peaceful culture but if they don't start trying soon, they're going to get exterminated for acting like violent apes.

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