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Not the sub for this so bring me downvoats....

On the largest continent with the largest desert, travel is very difficult. It's still hard to get around Africa even if you don't count the militant tribes. They did not get any of the advantages and ideas that travel and trade brought the rest of the world.

So, if people have been traveling around for a couple of dozen millennia, but it has only been feasible to travel around Africa for the last hundred years...

They should eventually catch up, but they are about 10000 years behind the curve.


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Because frozen ass england is so easy to get to, or norway, etc... Africa is easy to live in, food grows everywhere so there was no need to develop intelligence. Europe was frozen as shit and if you didn't have your shit together winter killed you and everyone around you so intelligence evolved. At this point whites and blacks might as well be different species.

Edit: To add more, consider Japan. frozen island hanging off the ass end of asia, fairly primitive by western standards when we found them. Showed them technology, they were an industrial powerhouse that rivaled America within two generations. All on an island that had scarce resources.


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Africa is not easy to live in terms of agriculture. Most of it is very drought prone Savannah and desert

Japan was not that “primitive” by the time the Meiji restoration happened. Western technology was already very much present. Also England and japan aren’t frozen. They get a little Chile but it’s not a blizzard. The southern part of japan is actually extremely warm

I’m not disagreeing with it your overall point I just had nitpicks


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Downvoting just for nigger apologism and denial that sub-80 IQ savages could build a civilization "if only they had roads like those damn dirty... every single other race on the planet"


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The alps and the Urals weren't exactly easy to get around either. Let's not mention the weather that makes it impossible for early man to travel around Europe unprotected much of the year

Let's also not mention the more than likely thousands of years Africans had on the continent before early Europeans reached Homo Sapien stage. The earliest known civilization was in the Middle East, though there were tribes in Africa at least as long. Ancient settlements didn't show in Europe until long after there were tribes in Africa.

They had thousands of years (at least) on most other homo sapiens (India and China began civilizations around that time) and, if not for the help of non natives, Africa would still be deep in the Stone Age.

They have had more than enough time to catch up. It's time to stop blaming the rest of the world.


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Africa’s agricultural revolution started way after the rest of the world. It happened in Europe and Asia around 8,000 b.c and in Africa around 2,000 b.c so they did have a setback. Also blacks didn’t exist in most regions of Africa until the Bantu expansion. Sub saharan Africans were not Stone they had basic metallurgy and agriculture


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At our expense