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They also never state just what they are "developing".

AIDs/TB/Malaria/Ebola infected rapists. That's what.

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Fuken reddit cucks are on here thinking theyre upping their 'game'

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I got banned from a sub the other day for saying "I support nigger supremacy" I felt a great sense of satisfaction, much like taking a dump. These fucktards are easy to trigger.

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Holy niggers

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We should keep them as zoos and watch them from high res satelites and mecha spying mosquitos

glorious profits await us all

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LOL, Idris Elba on the right.

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This is who we're accepting as "enrichment".

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NSFW tag man geez. Gnarly.

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Wtf is this reddit. Quit being a pussy. Things die and get killed and sometimes they get their picture taken. It isn't that graphic.

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go back to reddit jew fag nigger!

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Shut up faggot. some people don't like to see dead things

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"Developing nations"

just more liberal reality distortion bullshit.

Hopelessly fucked shitholes is what they should be called.

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