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never hire people with yellow eyes

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Yeah . . . . yellow eyes, boot lips, big pink tongue, pale palms, snout projects beyond the nose, the stench of shit and B.O. . . . . and some even have a sagittal crest topping it all off.

Lovely creatures. Just like any white man I know.

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thats not a man. its a beast. and should be put down

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Niggers love datt white gramma pussy !

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Gross, but unfortunately true.

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Congratulations nigger. That's the worst thing I've ever heard a nigger do . . . today. But, don't get your hopes up Porch Monkey, the day is still young. You're sure to be out-niggered by another ape.

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What the fuck is it with niggers and old women? Are they that desperate? And considering the oldest, wrinkled old white woman is better looking than any spook. WTF man? Oh sorry, da fuck!

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Niggers get a hard on when they sense someone is weaker than they are. It's nigger foreplay.