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Lesson? Stay out of any place frequented by niggers.

A nigger in a coffee shop? C'mon . . . . that should have been the first clue. Niggers don't go into coffee shops, libraries or museums unless they're wrangled in there by a teacher or they're just trying to steal something.

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Lesson? Sit with your back to the wall. Also, get one of those lock cables.

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Those don't work on modern MacBooks

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Then people just have to hide it in their envelopes

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best bet is never buy anything from apple. macbooks are overprices paper-weights. as well as iphones, not sure why anyone would ever buy one

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Around Blacks Never Relax ! Situational Awareness is key, especially if congoloids are about !

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So this happened in San Jose just yesterday (it's being discussed in /r/bayarea on reddit). The pathetic thing is that niggers have been stealing laptops from bay area cafés for the last year or two, although most of the thefts have been happening in Berkeley. The video that was posted was just one of several of the nigger thief mentioned in the earlier thread, this one is interesting because it shows where the victim made his mistake.

The nigger strolls in, walks casually right past the victim into the back and the guy continues doing whatever he's doing without a single care in the world. The old phrase "don't relax around blacks" or "don't turn your back on black" is an idiom that he should've paid attention to. People become redpilled due to their experiences though, and not because of some ideology placed there by others. In the future, hopefully this guy will pay attention when niggers come slinking around him -- always keep one cautious, wary eye on the nigger.

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Another thought . . . . maybe this nigger is a good boy trying to turn his life around and just needed a laptop to do his homework on?

What do you think? Will this nigger max his SATs and become a future "scolla?" Maybe cure cancer? Maybe invent time travel?

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and when he invents time travel he will travel back and return the laptop.

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He be takin his entrance exam for N U n sheeit.

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Or maybe he's calculating how to get to Venus. You just never know what a nigger can do!