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Also those sick fucking bastards who mutilate the genitals of male children

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Only a fool would think those people could be educated

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I kinda regret the Mongolian empire falling because I feel once they expand into Africa they will take one look and realize that niggers have no value and genocide them all unlike the bleeding heart white colonial empires that tried to educate them.

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You know . . . they might have recognized the value of niggers as riding horses or pack animals.

The Mongolian horse was around five feet high and weighed 600 pounds. That's the same as the average dindu sherilla running around the ghetto.

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What kind of fool institution produces fools of this magnitude?

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When did this sub become about circumcision? Does seem a stretch from niggers. Just sayin

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Who declared that this sub was now about circumcision?

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I think by now we can say for certain they are subhuman.

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But then what would they do on "Burn tires around necks and slicing daughter's gonads" Tuesday ?