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While it's a great vid. It's kinda sad that even in Utah, there are full blown niggers. There's no escape from them.

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Just remember who brought niggers to this country: Jews and Mudslimes.

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I soley blame the kikes and the trators.

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You can't escape niggers, only minimize them. The PNW is probably your best bet.

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New Hampshire

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Not fucking Seattle or the surrounding suburbs, that's for goddamn sure.

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Mormons are a type of Christniggers.

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As long as they aren’t black or Muslim

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Damn fine nigger wrangling, maybe the magic undies give them an edge

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Well they don't sag around their knees that's for sure

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What did he do? try to grab a gun?

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Tried to grab the gun then punched the officer in the face

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hmm didn't even think or notice the punch. then again camera is not on the officer's face

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Re-locate? They'll just return. Gotta kill them before they kill civilization.

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Relocate them to Israel.

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haha word. Touché.

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For starters

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Do you relocate vermin, like roaches or rats?

No. You eradicate them.

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@Feces_the_clown lol touché.

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It's traditional to spike the spic at the end zone.

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https://invidio.us/watch?v=hYnw4sm87UU :

Bystander Body Slams Man Who Attacked Utah Cop - YouTube

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It's almost as if niggers want cops to shoot them.

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So the guy getting tackled is a nigger? Looks white to me. White nigger lovers have interbred so much that it's going to make it hard to know whether a strange guy is a sun-tanned white or a genetic coon.

Much easier with the sows. I can spot a mongrel sow a mile off just by the smell and fingernail color.

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That nigger looks white to you? What are you, some kind of snicker-licking faggot? That spook looks 'nigger' from a mile away... in the rain... at night.

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Well, I assume he looks so niggerish to you because you regularly pump nigger assholes every night. Or perhaps you have some nigger blood and are able to recognize a fellow coon "a mile away, in the rain, at night." Let's face it . . . it takes some world-class familiarity with niggers to recognize them at night. That type of familiarity sound genetic to me. I'd be having a serious talk with mom if I were you.

Or . . . . are you a jew? Jews have a serious love affair with niggers and would be able to recognize them "a mile away, in the rain, at night."

Sorry pal, but I avoid the groid and so I'm not as familiar with them as you. We just don't see many niggers around here; they know better.

I agree with the gentleman above . . . . at most he looks like a wetback.

Do me a favor and fuck-off jew boy/nigger-boy . . . . whatever species of mongrel you are. LOL

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He looked hispanic to me. The guys who helped the cop also looked hispanic.