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That "Uptown Suites" where those niggers were staying seemed pretty nice. I'm wondering how those jigs could afford . . . . .

Oh, that's right. We're paying for them to stay there.

Never mind.

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Niggers are everywhere in Georgia... EVERYWHERE!!!

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I'd move there to avoid high housing costs if it wasn't for the niggers.

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The police say "This is a lesson to always avoid a fight or conflict and call them if you have a concern or complaint."

Ignore all of recorded history and all that is unknown from before. Every man worth a damn has always regulated his community. They decided what was acceptable and what wasn't. But here and now be weak. Don't defend right from wrong. Just call some hired gun to do it for your.

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That merchant at 1:46 though.

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Congratulations on spotting the (((easter egg))) I edited in.

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Wouldn't a Shekelstein/Bob shadow technically be a (((passover egg))) though?

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Just niggers shooting niggers . Dont listen to keyboard warriors who say go ahead and be a man and call niggers out on their niggetry. Niggers have nothing to lose and will kill for no reason. Its a losing proposition all around. Always follow RULE # 1 AVOID THE GROID ! If you cant avoid interacting with a nigger, please be prepared to use lethal force without hesitation. If a nigger is moving in to do you bodily harm, take it at its word and defend your life ! Again following RULE # 1. will save you alot of problems, and possibly your life.

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If only it were that simple.

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Yeah, any interaction with niggers is not desireable, especially if you end up injuring or sending one to DNS. You will be under a microscope as far as your actions, while nothing will be made of the fact that the ape attacked you unprovoked. The spook will.claim you called it a nigger, so of course that means its ok to beat you to death or shoot you. The fambly will demand justice n sheeit, will sue you, the D.A. will make you out to be a rabid nazi klan member alt- right extremist , etc, etc. White people will soon be forced to wear body cams to prove their innocence in court, cuz niggers can just cry dat yt beez rayciss.

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just a drop in the truth bucket of how horrible they are

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Don’t waste your time watching- there’s no footage of anyone being shot. Just a news studio and their retarded video

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And another nigger rots in prison over a trivial matter, at least he won't be breeding now...

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That news clip seemed to spend more time talking about the puppy than the dude who was shot.

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