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Imagine your daughter or granddaughter in a preschool or kindergarten class with 10 or so niggletts like this. I was hoping the dog would rip the lil dindus throat out ! Hopefully one day soon it will ! We need segregation of niggers now.

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There was a day not too long ago that even if you didn't have money you didn't need to worry about niglets being with your children in class. I think it was Boston that changed that. (I could be wrong on that). Now you're pretty much guaranteed a diverse mix of you can't afford private schools and even then it's no guarantee.

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Haha. I was in grade school in Mass in the mid 70s when they bussed niggers into our formerly human school. My gladiator training commenced soon after. We human kids were very confused as to why our parents allowed this. In fairness though, at the Jr & Sr Highs there were massive race riots outside and inside the schools. Grew up in Irish/ Italian blue collar neighborhood.

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Segregate them back to Africa. 14/88

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I'd like to segregate them to the sun.

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The niglet is lucky the dog didn't decide to go from play to fuck you. FFS, the niglet kicked it in the head. I rough house with my dog because it likes it, but I never kick or hit it in the head. For anyone wondering why pitbulls have a bad reputation, it's because of niggers.

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The truth is my pitbull was such a gentle creature she would never fight back if a human was abusing her unless her own family was in danger.

My little dogs would eat this turd tho. Go figure. My cat would send them for stitches.

Abusing animals is a sure sign of lack of empathy. Put these people to sleep when you find them.

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Hang all niggers.

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Notice how the nigger abuses the pitbull yet the pitbull didn't eat him.

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It’s a well known fact that pitbulls only attack white people who are minding their own business.

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Violence against niggers is the only justifiable form of animal cruelty. I can't wait for that dog to decide that enough is enough, I just hope they're recording when the dog snaps.

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I swear the only thing keeping Pitbulls from eating their owners is because of how bad niggers smell.

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The poor dog should've ripped that useless brat's head off.

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Idiots won't be laughing when the dog kills the kid. Sadistic retards.

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No because they will lose their extra welfare money.

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