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he was gonna cure cancer n shit

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"Dis why you don't call cops. Dey keel a mufukka jus fo tryna keel dem wit some yard ass sheeeeeit. Jus cause a mufukka try to keel a nigga don't mean dey a bad person." - Niggers

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RaShaun , lol. Niggers be thinking deys be bulletproof n sheeit. Is da fambly demanding answers n sheeit ? Stupid fucking niggers, I cant wait until we are as a society are ready to be done with these vermin.

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I'm ready now.

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Hey, I was just thinking of you. How you humans holding up in Planet of the Apes down there ? Hope you guys have Self Defense Militias with lots of ammo ! Seriously, I mean that. I hope you can immigrate to a Whiter country.

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You think we're ready now and PC is stopping it? Seriously, even the most liberal SJW asshole has got to be fed up by now. How much more entitled nigger bullshit can this country really take before it's just too late and past the point of no return? Is it already past?

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If you're talking about the US, then yes, we are past the point of no return. Blacks are a protected race now, they always are in the right even if they are wrong. Years of hard work by SJWs and the media have made criticizing them a crime. The only outcomes for this are they keep getting worse to the point that even the SJWs can't take it anymore and we have a popularly supported genocide or the US becomes a new African state and falls apart, forcing whites to flee.

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But he wuz a gud boi. He dindu nuffin.

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Hey, no problem,you black sum-bitch. Glad to oblige.

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I kinda feel bad for him. He knew what he was doing.

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Im assuming your talking about the police officer.

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no I'm talking about the nigger. That officer showed a lot of restraint, I think he knew what the guy wanted to do and tried his best to address different angles to get the guy to back down. I think they shot their dog though.