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Sarcasm aside, there is some truth to this. Not so much for city kids because they have municipal pools and YMCA pools that you can get into basically for free if you're low income.

But for rural people who are not near a body of water and whose parents can't afford to buy a big enough pool or take them to water, it is a challenge to learn how to swim. At the very least you can teach your kids to blow bubbles in the tub and teach them common sense like wearing life jackets or not diving into unfamiliar water head first etc.

Not excusing the kid or his family, just saying learning to swim can be harder for some poor kids.


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This was me. I was almost a teenager before I learned how to swim; my parents finally got enough money to buy a pool. I learned by just fucking around in there on my own. To this day I'm still not a very strong swimmer, but I'm good enough to atleast keep myself from dying.