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they are never responsible for themselves. From birth through death. Its always someone elses fault or responsibility.

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Unless something good happens. Like if they get promoted because management was forced to have a low-IQ, low-performing nigger on the team to meet a quota for "diversity" reasons... then they claim they got the promotion on their own merit rather than getting promoted due to the jewish poison pervading the west.

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15 of 32 kids had not passed a swim test

youre telling me its one little nig nogs fault that some fucking moron arranged an canoeing trip for people that couldnt swim? Are you a tard?

man... there is no excuse for a fucking child to not know how to swim. Fuck, there is no excuse for a child not to know how to at the very least keep their own head above water long enough for someone to come and get them (under normal circumstances). - This aint the fucking niglets fault, this is on the fucking parents that didnt teach the little bastard basic human survival skills and the absolute fucking retards that tried to put 15 kids that couldnt swim in the water.

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Niggers are poor swimmers, it's biological. Further, it's likely everyone was required to wear a floatation device, and were probably being supervised by more than one adult. This is not the same thing as being thrown out in the water.

More than likely the teacher was forced into a rock and a hard place - would not surprise me if he would have preferred the kids to stay, but parents gave the okay to go so either everybody was going or it wasn't happening.

Nobody should be charged, stupid kid went into the water unsupervised in the evening of his own volition, likely without safety gear, probably knowing (as much as some sub-80s IQ can be presumed to "know") full well he couldn't swim, and paid the price for it.

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The school should be charged for taking 15 kids who can't swim on a canoe trip, that was stupid on their part. But the parents of all those 15 kids should also be charged with negligence both for not teaching their kids to swim and for signing the fucking permission slip allowing them to go fucking canoeing. There is stupid everywhere in this story.

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I've never gone canoeing without a life vest.

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Yeah there are limited situations where schools should be acting in loco parentis for minor children. But this kid was a teen and could've spoken up that he couldn't swim. And if you're the parent letting your kid go swimming/sign up for the crew team/go canoeing when you know they are a rockfish? I don't have any sympathy for you. You should've known better.

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I don’t even remember learning to swim. My mother didn’t like the idea of her children potentially drowning, so took me to “water baby” classes at the YMCA when I was an infant. You can teach infants to swim by basically just playing with them in the water. I was proficient swimmer before I even learned to walk. Thanks mom!

It always weirds me out when I meet or hear of people who can’t swim. Swimming just seems like something as natural as walking or breathing, so I basically see people who can’t swim as retarded.

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Unfortunately, the swimming pool near my house was filled with niggers. So I avoided that place. Just one more thing niggers ruined.

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There's videos of parents literally throwing babies into water so they learn to float and swim. It's bizarre.

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I went to the Y as well when I was a kid. I agree with you that it always seemed weird when someone said that can't swim. In your whole life you never went near the ocean, lake, pond, swimming pool? Weird.

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I don't remember either. Closest thing I can remember is my dad teaching me to go off the high dive. Couldn't have been older than 5, so I could definitely swim by then.

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Yeah, nigger or not this is bad planning.

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You can't interact with nogs. Period. They blame all their shortcomings and incompetency on anyone but themselves. If the dumbass couldn't swim, then he shouldn't have gone out in the water. Niggers need 24 hour babysitting.

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The only way to half-way shape them up is to stratify society and enforce extremely harsh laws upon them. Niggers only understand extreme action and violence. See: African tribes where stealing a berry gets your hand cut off, or they just fucking kill you with a bunch of rocks (ooga booga).

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you would think their giant lips would keep them afloat like inner tubes.

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The flip side of this is if mostly minority kids failed the test and weren't allowed to go, there would have been calls of racism. This trip was a lose lose situation in a society that rejects personal responsibility. The only correct decision was to not do the trip, which sucks for the kids that can swim.

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The parents signed a permission slip for the kid to go on a canoeing trip, correct? How can they blame the school for not knowing their kid couldn't swim when they literally signed a permission slip allowing him to go out into the middle of the water?

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And he learned how to swim, became a productive member of society, got off welfare, got a honest job, and quit listening to democrats.

<in some universe, this is true!>

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