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The chief of police was on TV a few years ago and told people not to even come to either Huntington or Charleston(I don't even remember anymore) unless they just had to. I have to do business in Charleston and Huntington. I carry Mr .45 and a nine on my ankle. I see a nigger my alert level immediately goes up. One mouthed me off at a downtown gas station for no reason one day and I said "you obviously aint from around here, huh?". He was like "how ya know?". I said "because most black folks here know better than to fuck with hillbillies". The nigger behind the counter said "MANE HE AINT EVEN KIDDIN'. shut da fuck up".

Many of the whites down that way are fed up already. The hospitals near the projects put up fences and still people vehicles are getting robbed. I went down to visit someone and a nurse asked me where I parked. There was nothing except under the overpass. She was like "you have to move your vehicle closer if you can". I was like why? She said "because of them".

They've tried their shit a handful of times out in the rural areas but it never turned out very well for them.


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It's amazing how niggers have spread through small towns where they are so culturally alien. Sounds like you keep natural order more over your way.

On an unrelated tangent I was always fascinated by the stories of neighbors banding together to burn down trap houses during the crack epidemic, when I was a kid.


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They've been trying to creep in for years now. They generally do not last very long. The real estate is rather high here so it helps also. I shit you not, there are some fat jewess' who live across town, three of them living in the same house, who drag niggers into there. A bunch of illegals tried to move in across the mountain from me but ICE rounded them up.