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Thank God you caught him and no wonder it's niggers who are spreading this stuff. I wondered who could care so little about people as to sell fentanyl and you have given me the answer, niggers.


[–] FridayJones 0 points 3 points (+3|-0) ago 

The niggers get the fentanyl from kike docs and pharmacists, and then the niggers hustle the fentanyl to various opiod addicts in nigger-measured dosages, meaning that every batch they produce with their nigger standards will probably contain at least a few fatal "hot shots." Smart criminals do not shit where they eat, but niggers are always slash-n-burn types who will kill their customers as soon as look at them.


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Its common business model for niggers and beaners to sell shit that will kill a couple people. This makes stupid junkies seek out their product. The junkies think it must be good, and those who died were stupid or didn't have the tolerance they do. Lots of junkies think they are like superman, no dope can kill them. They usually end up dead eventually. The niggers and beaners dont lose a minute of sleep about junkies who die from their product, they think of it as good advertising.