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What area would that be? And can I ask, is that the reason you'd moved?


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Where the guy with the drugs is? Don’t want to dox myself.

Why I moved where? Training took me to 3 cities, each with several academic medical centers, all urban. I saw many nigger antics in my training & still see some every day - shootings, stabbings, beatings, drink drivers, idiots, drug ODs, alcohol stupidity, chronic disease ignored - you name it.

Niggers are great medical teaching tools.


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I realize it's a sensitive question, I was curious about regional not specifics.

I've recently had the chance to talk to several inner city cops (west coast), and they'll say openly they were raised in white towns, didn't think anything of blacks until they got into the force. Then, redpilled as they became, they are distinctly aware of the race issue. A few of them are actually fascinated by it, because one or two hold on to the idea it's more cultural than genetic. Or won't accept that genetics play a factor at all. I guess they're sticking around their assignment to prove something?

But like you say, you name it. No logic


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what does dox mean