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I have sympathy for white people who have to work for, on, or with niggers. No white man or woman should need to degrade themselves in this way just to earn a living.

[–] Pissed_Off_Vet [S] 0 points 21 points (+21|-0) ago 

Thank you. Thankfully, there’s a good mix most of the time, unlike some places I trained (nigger-central).

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What area would that be? And can I ask, is that the reason you'd moved?

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I have sympathy for the cops that had to touch his ballsack baggie.

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They wear gloves.

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Black people lie so quickly, so easily, so frequently, so blatantly. It's like a fucking fixed action pattern in response to any kind of stress. The stupidity and shamelessness it demonstrates is mind-boggling to me as someone who isn't a feral subhuman with a room-temperature IQ.

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What is even more amazing is that they don't know when to stop. They are literally caught red handed and still deny everything. Dunning Krueger effect, they think we are at their level and will believe them, because they are such masters of deception. We waz Kangs...

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they're probably just used to cucks falling for it

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I moved into a dorm room that had been vacated by a nig 4 months prior. No upholstery, just bare room. The place still stinks, and bad. How gross do you have to be to make an empty room smell for 4 months? It's genetic.

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the scent of un-wiped fecal matter is like Hugo Boss for them

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Niggers lie. They honestly are biologically wired to do so, especially to avoid

I've been saying this for ages. All my personal experience has taught me this.

Also applies to Muslims. Hell the Muslims lie even more.

Not one shred of honesty in any of these people.

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you mean like the price-gouging gas station owners?

[–] mralexson 1 points -1 points (+0|-1) ago 

I don’t believe Muslims lie. I believe they truly believe the shit they say

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Taqqiya, man. They are literally taught to knowingly lie.

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The jews give the fentanyl to the niggers to sell. Many niggers moved into Appalachia from Detroit, Chicago and Philly and its like a warzone now.

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I noticed in the news recently they took down a Detroit crew in Huntington. It's a shame someone will always fill the vacancy.

[–] CheeseboogersGhost 0 points 3 points (+3|-0) ago 

The chief of police was on TV a few years ago and told people not to even come to either Huntington or Charleston(I don't even remember anymore) unless they just had to. I have to do business in Charleston and Huntington. I carry Mr .45 and a nine on my ankle. I see a nigger my alert level immediately goes up. One mouthed me off at a downtown gas station for no reason one day and I said "you obviously aint from around here, huh?". He was like "how ya know?". I said "because most black folks here know better than to fuck with hillbillies". The nigger behind the counter said "MANE HE AINT EVEN KIDDIN'. shut da fuck up".

Many of the whites down that way are fed up already. The hospitals near the projects put up fences and still people vehicles are getting robbed. I went down to visit someone and a nurse asked me where I parked. There was nothing except under the overpass. She was like "you have to move your vehicle closer if you can". I was like why? She said "because of them".

They've tried their shit a handful of times out in the rural areas but it never turned out very well for them.

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If you really want to mindfuck them next time just say

Why should I care? It ain't me.

Cracka ain't supposed to think like that!

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Once these retards get old/sick enough that their families can dump them on the state, they start getting kicked out of nursing homes until theie state-appointed guardian assigns them to my nursing home.

I feel your pain, brother; but I have seen Hell.

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Thank God you caught him and no wonder it's niggers who are spreading this stuff. I wondered who could care so little about people as to sell fentanyl and you have given me the answer, niggers.

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The niggers get the fentanyl from kike docs and pharmacists, and then the niggers hustle the fentanyl to various opiod addicts in nigger-measured dosages, meaning that every batch they produce with their nigger standards will probably contain at least a few fatal "hot shots." Smart criminals do not shit where they eat, but niggers are always slash-n-burn types who will kill their customers as soon as look at them.

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Its common business model for niggers and beaners to sell shit that will kill a couple people. This makes stupid junkies seek out their product. The junkies think it must be good, and those who died were stupid or didn't have the tolerance they do. Lots of junkies think they are like superman, no dope can kill them. They usually end up dead eventually. The niggers and beaners dont lose a minute of sleep about junkies who die from their product, they think of it as good advertising.

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