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Which is exactly why the human race, in the year 2200, should have ZERO niggers, Hispanics, or kikes.

We need to eradicate them entirely before we become a space-faring species.

We cannot allow these inferior genetic sub-humans the ability to ever spread. They are a pestilence to mankind, a cancer, a disease. All of them. They ALL need to die.

The only two races who should be allowed to live and thrive and represent humanity among the stars and higher intelligent species, is Caucasians and Asians. We're the only ones who pull our weight, make contributions to humanity, and have strong family values, ethics, and while our morality differs, Asians have shown to be malleable to the strong morals of Caucasians.


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You stupid fuknNeanderthal, Caucasians and Asians are the same people. Hence the last 5 letters on the word 'Caucasian' no doubt.

Their skin is pastyWHITE like ours and their hair is greasy/stringy like ours with our eye shape being the only difference. That is why it is a, fact, that White European men who IR-marry do most often marry super pale, Asian women.

Although none of those facts expose you better than this exposes you and your nonsense view of America's future:


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I thought I was originally talking to at least a young adult.

Now I realize I'm talking to a literal child.

Save your opinions when you have another 20 years of wisdom under your belt.