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White guy shapeshifts into Jew and cries about the slavery of his people under the kangz of egypt


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Exactly, these ambulatory shits rarely talk back to anyone unless they have a 10 to 1 advantage on their sides; cowards.

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Yeah, my guess is he was immediately told to turn that shit off, then made this faggy post about it to make himself look tough.

Airlines won't risk a plane full of pissed off customers to keep one nigger happy. There's way too much money involved.

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Im surprised the nigger didn't pull out his gatt n sheeit and murk datt krakka, gnomesayinn ?

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Well, I believe the first part... The response was posting this bitter half-truuf on social media.

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Funny how you never see an old nigger with arrogance like that. Too bad he doesn't have the mental capacity to figure out why.

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Probably highly correlates to not having the mental capacity to stay alive long enough to become an 'old nigger'.

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They're all dead from diabetes/heart attacks by 55

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The old nigger's absence as a daddy has resulted in this new class of dumb niggers.

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They usually put the air marshall close to niggers like that.

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Nigger Marshall

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and it wonders why people hate niggers

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While the normal human behind the white dude has headphones on and doesn't instacrap about his great great granddad being a nigger slave. Irritates me so bad to see sub humans get so much approval for there animal behavior.

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normal human

By that I take it you mean actual human. Niggers are hominid subhuman garbage, always have been and always will be.

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Niggers are Pavement Apes, not humans.

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typical nigger mentality. constantly spiting whites because of hate and jealousy. you can be as obnoxious as you want sambo, you are STILL a nigger and I am white...I win.

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Haha. Its true. I thank God daily I'm not a filthy, evil, stupid nigger !

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I always think back to the Chris Rock joke: "None of you white people would trade places with me... and I'm RICH".

He meant it as an observation about racism in America. Really, though, it's more about becoming a subhuman for money. I wouldn't trade places either.

Fucking niggers.

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Just start blasting metal. I recommend either Dagon or Cattle Decapitation.

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No Johnny Rebel?

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Nah, too comprehensible. If your dad understands more than one word in five, its not metal enough.

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Cavalera Conspiracy

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