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William Grant Still

Yeah they can.

Hold up....facts are downvoted? You call this freedom of speech, but it is only valid if and when you use derogatory racist comments that I know 99% of you wouldn't ever say within ear shot of the minority you are speaking of.

For your information there is actually very many blacks that have been very successful within the field you noted.


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Nobody here is refusing to acknowledge (genuine, not fabricated) black success. The general stance towards black people is, "you've been equal for a while, when are you going to start acting like it as a group?" 13% of people are causing 50% of the issues day-to-day society faces, and then fabricating another 40% of them with racial interest groups.

So when you're taking a meme to use as your soapbox for serious discussion at a tribalist forum (forums which have existed for blacks long before the internet, and today are even more prevalent, lucrative, and socially accepted in that community), you're going to be told you're barking up the wrong tree.


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All of that has nothing to do with the context of the picture or even the question it asked. Lol.

It is obvious the entire idea here is to deny success of blacks or I wouldn't have a negative score. Hell might have much more of a discussion then one comment where it is clear they are not aware of what it is they are talking about.

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Lol good play on my name.


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His mother was high Yella. His grandma was raped by her owner and gave birth to his momma. It was the white blood in him that allowed him to achieve success.


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that dude is about as black as I am. I truly believe that the darker you are the more monkey like you are, if you've seen my dashcam footage of bootlips driving you'd probably agree.