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Sounds more to me like she had a chad moment and let her vagina do the thinking, things got a bit rough and she realized she couldn't hide it from you.

The very fact that she "won't tell me his last name" speaks all I need to know about this situation. This isn't scared and not thinking rationally this is scared about losing some beta provider's paycheck because she's a closet coalburner and can't hide the fact.

Sorry dude, hope I'm wrong but evidence suggests otherwise.

Edit: At the time of this edit, this dumb motherfucker OP soyboy actually decided to edit his post with "I'm no beta, and she's no whore", basically confirming that he's a fuckin' dumbass beta and she's clearly a whore. Dumb motherfucker can't even describe the situation with any level of fidelity which counters my one-two punch arguments to his scenario, just decides to try and white-knight defend his piece of shit cheating coalburning girlfriend.

Cypher said it best in The Matrix, "Ignorance is bliss". Dumb motherfucker.

Instead of editing your post to unfold your fuckin' vagina flower and tell us all how we're so wrong, we don't know her, and she's such a special snowflake - you can provide some additional detail and/or just rationally counter our observations with facts. Instead, you've opted to live in some fantasy land of your own creation because we "have no idea who you are". Yeah, retard - because you didn't bother to defend the accusations. Try harder, you ignorant piece of shit.


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Yeah, this.

@jobenzo2nd The behavior and facts you're describing are very suspicious.

  • Knows his full name ==> She knows him quite well
  • Not some random nigger ==> A nigger she knew and hung out with
  • Withholding his last name from you ==> You don't know him at all
  • She hangs out with this nigger without you knowing about him
  • Now she's protecting him ==> From you
  • A girl that is hurt and scared will want her boyfriend to take care of her
  • Instead she's making a power play ==> Controlling what you know
  • Tells you enough to make you upset and take her side
  • But not enough to do anything with that information
  • You talk about it happening "less than 24 hours ago"
  • Sounds like she didn't tell you right away... did she?

Clear your head, calm your heart... and have a very somber look at all this.


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The fact that the hospital and police weren't involved as well... She wanted that black penis. She probably even let that charcoal black spear chucker put it in her pooper.


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1, 2, & 3 are really the key identifiers. OP I assume your GF knows you dislike niggers, correct? Yet she not only hangs out with niggers, she does so without your knowledge. That should set off alarm bells.

Listen to @Glory_Beckons advice.

Clear your head, calm your heart... and have a very somber look at all this.


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Sounds like he saw the bruises and scratches and figured out something happened and she paniced and said rape


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I think this post nails it. Sorry OP but you seem to be in denial here. I don't know you but as a 3rd party looking at all the evidence points to her cheating

I mean come on she knows his full name and you don't even know who he is by his first name?

It sounds like she had some rough sex with a dude and is afraid you would find out from the bruises and cuts. I don't think you realize how many girls are into really, really, rough sex.

I think you should take a minute to clear your head. Think back and can your really honestly say you have never ever been suspicious that she may have cheated on your before?


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I think you’re spot on. I truly hate to say it @jobenzo2nd.

Force the situation for your own sake and the safety of others. If this is indeed true and you do not act, your life with this girl is ruined. Tell her parents and call the cops and get a rape kit test done immediately. If you don’t there will be no evidence and the psychological trauma will tear you apart. I had a friend go through a very similar situation almost 20 years ago. He found out two years later she was cheating on him and the rape never happened. He’s still dealing with the emotional damage. Instead of her being raped, he was the one that ended up traumatized by her lies


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Yeah OP, this sounds shady as fuck. If she won't take a rape kit, won't let you tell her parents, and won't tell you the guy's name-- then she's 100% manipulating you. She fucked the guy willingly and is giving you the run around so she doesn't feel guilty. She will eventually warp her story in her own mind that she was justified in fucking him and you weren't worth it to her-- and eventually she'll tell all her friends that you were a sack of shit so she cheated on you.

Doesn't even matter that the guy is black(although doesn't help obviously), this is the same tired old bullshit I've seen IRL whenever some chick cheats and doesn't wanna be called out on it.

If she won't do those things, cut her out of your life ASAP, its the only way you're going to protect yourself from this situation (and its still gonna hurt like hell). If you live with her, get the fuck outta there. Delete her number, delete her pictures, don't answer her calls/texts, don't hang out with mutual friends, do not be anywhere near this lowbrow cheating shit and move on with your life. You'll have to take the high road and move on with your life on your own. Full stop. Its a hard experience OP, we feel for ya.

Edit: welp op is just trolling with fake stories, or the world's largest doormat who would rather live fantasy land than provide any input refuting our concerns other than his fee fees. Next time on Maury we'll find out who the baby daddy is. Hint: it's not OP. But he'll still raise it.


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Sadly.....this is the correct answer. Why is she hanging around niggers in the first place?


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Ice cold rational reply Coolered.


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Are you playing FTK right now?


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Hate to be the guy to say this, but she cheated. It got rougher than she initially intended, but she loved the rush, and is going to do it again. That is why she isn't filing a police report or giving up his full name, if she even gave you his real first name.

Check her phone if he is someone she knows. If she says it was a random nog, check her phone anyways. I bet a dollar to a donut there are either flirtatious messages between them, or a recently deleted text or app history.

She is lying to you and will continue to do so until you call her on it and walk out, at which point her head will spin around and you will get to see her true venomous nature as she says shit like, "he made me feel things you never have," or "I've never felt satisfied like that," or "he makes me feel safe in his arms."

They're all calculated to twist the knife just a little harder while pushing it in a little deeper. Don't give in to the urge to slap a hoe. Give her a Planned Parenthood pamphlet and tell her, "you'll know what to do when the time comes."

Walk away whistlin' dixie.


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My Goat +1


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Forgot to add. Within a year of you walking away, she will try to reconnect with you, probably more than one time. Blow her off. Ghost her. Answer the phone "Bueno!" so she thinks you changed it, whatever you have to do, get her out of your life.

I read the OP edit, how you think it's different for you, etc. It's not. She's a whore. She will always be a whore. Perhaps she will become a whore with a nigglet, perhaps not, but she is now and forever shall be a mudsharking whore who cheated on you.

We all see as far as we do because we stand on the shoulders of giants. Hop on my shoulders and take a look. Those of us who've trodden this path many many times will tell you to save yourself now.

We all thought we had something special, something unique, were in love with our best friend, had found our soul's counterpoint in the other person, whatever you tell yourself to keep the warm and fuzzies coming, but we all found out the truth about women the hard way.

They aren't wired for loyalty like men are. They are wired for taking advantage of situations to provide maximum potential gain for themselves and their offspring, even at the cost of the father of her children, if an alternative provider can be found.



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If she doesn't want to file charges or get a rape kit performed, find another girlfriend. She's full of shit.


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and now nigger semen as well


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I agree with this. Whether the rape happened or not, if she isn't willing to trust her boyfriend with the full truth, he should dump her. Never stay with a woman who withholds things from you, and then tried to blame you for asking about it by saying it is her private affair (pun intended) and you are not a part of it.


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If she doesn't want to get the fucker arrested, then she cheated.

Women lie cheat and steal all the time. And most of them don't even think its wrong.

Some women are wonderful. But as a rule don't expect them to be honorable like men are. It is just not how they are wired.

That's why for all of history the civilizations that thrived are the ones who controlled their women. The west is weak and being overran by islamists because they control their women and aren't controlled by them.


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Get her aids tested.


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He should get himself checked, since she's probably been banging niggers behind his back for months or years.


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Fuck. I didn't even think about her maybe having a disease now. God damnit.


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Call the cops yourself and get her examined. That is what ER rape kits are there for.


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50% chance she has The Herp now if that Nigger was also "Muh Dikin" Ratchets.


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On that note, keep in mind that hiv can lay dormant for years, and may not show up on tests.


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I would definitely insist on a full std check before sex with her. Another marker on if this shit is true is if she is willing to fuck within a day or so, if yes she is a coal burning slut!


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If she isn't telling you his name then she is lying about being raped, I've even seen girls injure themselves intentionally. The fact she isn't getting a rape kit or calling the police is very telling. It doesn't matter though, rarely does a woman recover from violent rape. You need to eliminate her from your life, as painful as it may be.


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Why hasn't he responded to any single comment where someone says she is protecting the monkey by withholding the name?

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If she will not call the cops and cooperate, leave her now and don't look back. She knows who this is and won't tell you or the coos? That is a major red flag. LEAVE HER and find someone who isn't tainted.


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Well now that he allowed a nigger get to her and didn't protect his woman, the only option left here is to shoot both of them.


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Why? Why would anyone want to stoop to that level. Let them have each other.


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Faggot OP is gonna raise a niggers child, watch. This guy is a total cuck


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Give him time to process. His world is probably melting down so of course he’s gonna be in denial at first. Hopefully he’ll read our posts and make the right decision(dump dat bitch)

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