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Even in Sweden niggers have no Dad in the picture.

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I'm sure Gustav would be so proud though!

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Who the fuck is Gustav

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Because niggers can't build nations that come equipped with welfare for their nigger children. They literally have to go to White nations for free gibs.

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Don't under estimate the darkies. They can make mud huts, lip disks, and AIDS!

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And if they could build the nation, who would work to pay the taxes to support the hoard of knee-grows?

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Look up the creation of Liberia. It was founded by former American slaves, that couldn't make their country successful even with the blue prints of the American Constitution and the Bill of rights. Long story short, the former slaves eventually became slave masters. Niggers never talk about that.

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They can build them, if they're chained together. They just can't conceive them and that's really the most important part. Seriously, they know what bricks are, they use them to break into houses, businesses etc. They use them to knock people out before or after they rape/kill the person or corpse. Now if they could just figure out that you can use them to build things instead of using them to tear down what other races have built, they may be more useful than prison storage. I personally have no problem building more prisons.

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No they can't. There isn't one nation built by niggers from scratch without the influence or the assistance from another culture. Not one.

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Cause we're in an inverted reality at this point now, clown world. Straight up clown world.

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That's sad because it's so true. And we have millions of liberals walking around with those big clown feet and they don't even know it.

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I'd reached a slightly different conclusion. The photographer had invited actual Swedes to pose for the picture, but they'd been cannibalized by the invaders (pictured) and so the photographer had no choice but to snap a picture of the invaders or else he'd have nothing to turn in for his assignment. Hunter Thompson would be proud.


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Sweden is a perfect case study in how terrible women are at leading and governing.

They took a perfectly healthy society that has stood for centuries, and they destroyed it in two decades.

There is one thing that certain third world nations do right, that we don't, and that is not letting women have any voting rights or hold any positions of power in government, whatsoever, under any circumstance.

Women are historically nation wreckers. Regardless of the society.

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Dang, you just summed up what's going to destroy the USA. Amazing the politicians can talk for decades non stop and you just said what needed to be said in under four paragraphs.

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Absolute facts.

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Fuck the swedes .... just nuke them (after they fill up with the lower sub-species varieties).

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No, please don't. We should annex Sweden so we can loot their petroleum deposits and fisheries. What would Reagan do?

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Reagan? He would take away their ARs, like he did in Calf.

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Tear down a wall, rape the women and steal the natural resources. I miss Reagan. Those were the last good days of this country. Niggers like Maxine waters will go down in history as the destruction of this nation.

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All those years of smugly believing that their nation was so highly admired because they all got along so well and had few social disorders that couldn't be swept under the rug.

They're in the denial phase about the grenades, rapes and stabbings.

Denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance.

There's probably little validity to the Kubler Ross 5 stages of grief, but let's hope they aren't so dead inside they can't get to stage 2.

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Because Barbra Spectre and The Kalergi Plan

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Queen of Ovens, we should make cards for these fuckers.

Can we make that a thing? Jew Cards? Each suit could be jews from different power structures. Banks, Hollywood, Fake News and Politics? There's four suits. Rothschilds for the High Joker and Soros for the Low Joker?

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I've said this before. Militia's must make decks of cards. Great comment

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