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Niggers of our race


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As an Italian, let me just remind you that it was our people who were at the center of the Roman Empire. Not you descendants of the snow nigger barbarians. The primary reason the empire fell is because we embraced multiculturalism and attempted to assimilate your people as well as others from the East. We poisoned our country with uncivilized people much like how Europe is now poisoning itself with Muslims.

Why is it that the "white" people that hate the Italians the most are almost always seem to be the mongrelized Southern whites? You know, the "30% Anglo, 10% German, 20% Dutch, 20% French, 20% Cherokee Indian" types. The ones who love to claim to be "white" and most connected to European achievements. The kind that drive around in their lifted, tribalistic Made-in-Mexico bro trucks with the Germanic symbols on the back. Why?


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The artistic and cultural contribution of Italy to western world is inconceivable. You have to be a retard to believe that only Northern Europeans are the architects of white civilization