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Yes, this is why the ideas of "diversity" and multiculturalism are more dangerous than any nuclear bomb.

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Give a whiteman a pile of bricks and he'll build a city. Give niggers a city and they'll give you a pile of bricks.

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You fukneanderthal! Don't you know, the, noble, negroid built this country and, never, asked for, one, red cent! IT WAS CALLED SLABERY YOU CROOKED CAUCASOID! And now you claim, that this, noble specimen destroyed, what, he, built? REPENT EVIL CAUCASOID! I'm officially naming this day TAKE A GROID TO LUNCH DAY!

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Funny you should name this take a groid to lunch day. I live in a ghetto part of a shitty city. I just took my trash to the dumpster, and believe several groid will be having lunch now that I've generously provided it at their buffet table.

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Honestly, I don't think niggers ruined Detroit, but they're all that's left in the wake. Detroit was the Paris of America, because of the auto industry. When the auto industry shut down, Detroit had no means to thrive. People went to other cities to find work. Whites went to suburbs to get away from the niggers. The whites had no frequent reasons to go to the city without jobs there. Now it's full of welfare niggers who can live anywhere, because the gubment is their source of income.

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yeah, this pic is critically flawed and masks the real reason for the decline- niggers are little more than antique, weaponized farm equipment; they cannot do shit without somebody directing them

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Which is why they are only peaceful and prosperous when they have a strong black leader like MLK. Otherwise they devolve back into cannibalistic tribalism.

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They sure didnt help. But what really destroyed Detroit was the politicians that operated on reduced tax base as if nothing was changing.

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The way I look at it, niggerism if not actual Black people killed Detroit. Because no one would stand up to that element in the culture, no businesses were going to move there. Because politicians felt they had to cater to the Black vote, they couldn't take reasonable steps to fix the economy. There are places like Hamilton Ontario and the research triangle in North Carolina that survived one industry (steel, tobacco) changing drastically and replaced it with something else (medical research). But they had strong white leadership. Once Detroit was Black enough to start electing Black mayors, they never stood a chance.

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Niggers ruin a city by there mere presence. Once a city's population is at 10% negro that city is doomed !

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Detroit was already going to shit long before the auto industry collapsed.

Detroit basically started becoming modern Detroit after the 1967 riots. That's when white people moved in droves to the suburbs.

GM wasn't collapsing until at least the 80s, and not completely declining until the 90s.

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I don't know much about the real history of Detroit. I'm sure Jews saw it and thought, "we need to destroy this place."

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That's why biological weapons were banned by the Geneva convention.

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Ouch, that hurts because it's true.

We should've dropped niggers on Hiroshima ;-)

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You guys should read up on history of Cairo Illinois. It was once Chicago's competition for business it was so prosperous, now it is so wrecked. Very similar history to detroit's albeit on a much smaller scale, marred by ugly racial history.

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Niggers are a slow nuke.

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Haven't seen this word for word repost before

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