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They must have hired some chariots from the White Devil.

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Not only did Africans not invent the wheel..... they had it and gave it up for 500 years.

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I beg to differ. Africans invented the wheel thousands of years before the White man.

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The fuck you say? You better back that up with a source before i get inclined to show you a link of them working out a wooden scooter and building a motherfucking statue to the national greatness the "invention" has brought them as a people drive by in actual vehicles.

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How do these Africans even eat? Why did they did that to themselves? It makes no sense.

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Where else would they put their spinning rims?

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Kinda looks like a New Orleans funeral.

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afrocentrism would be fucking pathetic even if it were true.

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Come on now we gotta give credit where it's due. They invented the wheel they just called them lip plates.

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If Nubians had chariots it's because the chariot jacked some Egyptians n sheeit.

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Now THAT deserves an upvoat! Myyyyyyyy niggaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! :P

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Sheeeit ! Ahite !

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Everything the negroes of Africa had in ancient times, they gained from the Mediterranean peoples -- from Carthage, Egypt, Greece, Rome, Lebanon, and the rest. Even a monkey can shoot a machine gun, but the monkey could not make a machine gun in a million years.

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If you put a thousand negros, ah, monkeys at a thousand typewriters, eventually one of them will type the entire works of WAKANDA! AHHH! You thought I was going to say Shakespeare! Niggers? YEAH RIGHT!

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