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Niggers, as a race, cannot learn the ways of the white man, because they are not bright enough to follow those ways. Average 70 IQ in sub-Saharan Africa, average 85 for an American house nigger. That's retard level, and half of them are less intelligent than this. They just can't do it. Maintaining, and even living in, a technological Western civilization is beyond their abilities on the genetic level. Stop expecting or hoping niggers will learn to behave as whites behave -- they can't do it.

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The thing about low iq is not that they can’t learn it’s that they can’t adapt. It’s like teaching a chimp to ride a bike. You can but the second it breaks they’re fucked

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The second you stop beating the chimp with a whip, he'll jump off the bike. Training them doesn't matter if they don't want to do it.

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don't have to convince me

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I think that's what most people don't get. The average is in the middle. There's a whole bunch of stupid negros too the left of the curve and a lot to the right as well!

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like take us into a city where everyone has merged with machines. Heck you can get a human up to about 1,000 QI with nothing more than 3 generations of selective breading. No way could I earn a dam thing in a world like that.

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You pretend that you can reach an average 60 standard deviation above what we have now ? Not only it's would beat everything we ever saw, it would be so high the whole thing wouldn't make sense. With current IQ distribution model if every grain of dust in the universe were as populated as earth there still would be no man that high.

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But muh Black Panther wakanda!

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There is no race on earth with the exception of maybe Indians that is just so incapable of progress. Whites were once primitive but after centuries they progressed until were they are today. True for the northeast Asians for the most part(Some areas of China are still underdeveloped and same with North Korea). Arabs and Hispanics can adopt western civilization to an extent. Niggers for except very few exceptions are just perpetually stuck in the Neolithic age

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Modern civilization was undoubtedly created by whites but I’m kinda talking civilization in general. Without whites, Asians and Arabs would probably be the Middle Ages while niggers would be Neolithic(still kinda are)

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No liberals I have spoken to can explain to me why Africa failed to develop parallel to other regions. The blanket explanation is oppression or something.

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They always point to certain African countries that are currently experiencing high rates of economic growth but I don’t know how well that translates to actual development. Mozambique has had one of the highest economic growth rates for years and its still poor as dirt. Botswana seems to be the only exception(tho it does suffer a horrible aids rate)

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White Supremacist!

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I love this movie. I wish it had an English dub.

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To be kinda fair this the Congo. A place even terrible by African standards

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