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Well, if you believed everything you read, and heard, then I would have sold you some magic green beans.


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I don't believe everything I read, which is the exact reason I don't believe the 'magic beans' you posted here about your "daughters' upbringing in Sweden at the moment. She is white, but everyone else in her school is is black."

Yes, I understand that you are just trying to get a rise out of this website's multitudes of deranged, delusional White Supremacists.


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FOAD, I dont give a fuck if you believe me or not, you can go fuck yourself, and then go back to Reddit with your stupid political correct opinions. If you dont live in Sweden, then you dont know. NOT ALL schools in Sweden are populated by almost only sandniggers, but some are. Why the hell do you think people vote with their feet, by MOVING out of the niggers area? FOAD.