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What happened in Angola?


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The south African army supported by some Angolan blacks (look up 32 battalion) fought against the Marxist regime in Angola. The SA army supported Jonas Savimbe's Unita. At the time we had conscription and all white boys (including my brother and cousins) had to do 2 years national service after finishing school. Look up the border/angolan bush war and operation Savannah. When it was over, the Angolan blacks that fought on the side of the (white) SA army had to leave Angola. The SA government gave them residence in South Africa. Many worked in the private security industry and at one stage, my brother and neighbouring land owners hired a few for security. They just lived in the bush on the private land and would shoot any trespassers. After theses blacks shot a few nigger trespassers, some of the bleeding heart white landowners claimed they were too trigger happy and got rid of them. Afterwards, as expected, the security situation deteriorated so badly my brother sold the land and moved into a town. But I digress.