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A buddy of mine, a CPA from Capes Town, who I met while he was working in Philadelphia, had to leave suddenly. His sister and mother were gang raped, and decapitated. They were farm owners, and most of his accounting experience was related to farm accounting.


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That makes me sick. And it's happening on a daily basis. Often doesn't make the News. I get my info from neighbourhood watch groups, private security firms, farmers themselves, etc and when I post here, some people expect a Jew media link to somehow give the story credibility.


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Wow, I feel like such a wus now just growing up in the states. I feel like less of a man for having heard these tales and much more empathetic. Up until now, for me, different political parties were just a notion and I just ran my business and hoped the Republicans stayed in power. WHAT power? They're just as week as anyone else in this country. Damn.