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Glad to hear you GTFO, I hope your family did as well. You should seriously consider starting a gofundme or something similar to assist getting humans out of SA.


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I do what I can like donating to impoverished white people in SA. Am self employed however, so if it's a lean month I can't help. I have close family there who will never leave so spend quite a bit of time there. About getting Humans out, as I keep saying, many could never get the airfare together and if they did, there is the risk of being denied asylum as happens frequently in US and Canada. Nobody wants White refugees who would be an asset to your country.


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This is a very unfortunate state. Keep posting stuff to Voat like above, you're always going to get attention on Voat about whites getting fucked over in SA. Be as loud as you can, the MSM will not run any stories about this willingly, however if there is enough attention brought to it they will be forced to. Most Americans are clueless as to what is happening in SA and the word needs to get out.


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I can tell you that for all the back and forth banter about willingly donating to fly all the US niggers back to Africa, I'd happily donate to helping bring white people out of there if it saves the lives of OUR race. Feel free to PM me if you want to tell me about and how to do that. Geesh!