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I've heard about what's happening in Sweden. There are a couple of Swedish journalists that have been trying to raise awareness of the white genocide in South Africa. They have also raised funds for impoverished white people in SA thanks to generous Swedes. Yes this story happened about 40 years ago, nothing new under the sun. It's just one that I remember well. I will share some of my more hair-raising stories in due course. I hope your daughter will be safe. Xhosa and Zulu were the first black languages that named Whites in Southern Africa. One of the earliest names for whites translates as "they through whose eyes the wind blows" because of their blue eyes.


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Sweden are fucked, and no white countries will take in White South Africans refugees Because that would be racism. White people in SA is fucked, and if they tries to leave, they are fucked, while black niggers hoards as spamming the white europe. Wait until the day of the rope. Some important people will hang.


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This Site

Started me on my journey to redpilling.

I really feel a lot of sadness when I think of SA


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Yes Adriana Stuijt put tons of work into that site. She's in her seventies, amazing woman.