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Are you safe now? How hard is it to get guns for white South Africans? Do you plan on leaving? Not surprised about your story. Africans will kill each other like how normal humans kill flies. I think you will find an accepting audience here if you were to tell any other stories.Good luck.


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Yes thank you I am elsewhere. Firearms legislation was changed in 2000. You now have to renew (read reapply) for your license every 5 years. This is so that a percentage can be rejected in every renewal round. There is an active civil disarmament campaign underway courtesy of Gun Free South Africa which is funded by Soros.

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Don't see what is keeping you from telling the government that a feral nog stole your gun the next time you need to reapply. Get a fucking gun and keep it, that is your individual right that is above any system of law. You need to retain the ability to protect yourself, I have seen the shit that has been going on in SA for 20+ years now, you need it.


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Please get out of there. Move to America. We need already red pilled women.


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I'm trying to understand S.Africa, I spoke with some White South Africans and I guess it may be a window into what future lies ahead for Brazil, Europe, N.America etc I only understood it through a bunch of bullshit rainbow nation stuff seen on CNN, BBC, Sky France24 and other US News Media. I try to find other media on the subject as I can also from reading the history on the internet. You white folk are from the Dutch, Belgian, German sailor peoples with a unique language, I can tell maybe the Bantu/Congoid Negro types are actually invaders in the Lands of S.Africa and have pushed Khoi/Bushman people into near extinction? The country now has '11 Official' Languages and 3 major parties the ANC, the Democratic Alliance which seems to have support from brown Indian conservatives, Black and Whites and the EFF based on extreme leftism and Pan-African madness?