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AdmitIt, it's not the white tenants leaving chicken wing bones in the stairwells. #NotLikeUs #FilthyAnimals

I still haven't figured out if niggers litter on purpose to spite us or if they're so lacking in decorum and aesthetic awareness that they don't even really realize they're doing it.

I saw a video on YouTube of a Japanese train station. It was clean and bright and everyone lined up in an orderly fashion. I felt jealous. If you built something like that in the states you'd have niggers throwing chicken bones under the seats, puking on the floor, shooting each other, smoking crack, and begging for gibs and all the humans would just drive places so the trains would lose money and become more decrepit every year.

AdmitIt, you don't want your daughter in the same classroom as a pack of Black boys.

They completely ruin the experience for human students. And it's cruel to make them sit through school anyways. They're nocturnal creatures and we make them get out of bed at 6 and come to school to sit through classes they can't glean any knowledge from. They're not going to be able to make it through The Great Gatsby, memorize the periodic table, or speak a foreign language. They're niggers with room temperature IQs, for fuck's sake. #LetThemStayHome


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The second one. Even the negroes that act human at my work smell and act like shit.



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The ones who do admit it say it's deyz cultcha, caused by white oppression. If only we could tell them to not do that kind of thing!