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The Commiefornian state animal should probably be the Beaner. It's an invasive species but they seem to welcome it with open arms.

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They seem to prefer the illegal beaner rapists /drug dealers over the legal beaners trying to make an honest living.

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Too bad liberals and fags aren't animalistic enough, Cali is much more known for them. (I actually don't hate liberals or fags, just virtue signalers and socialists.)

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What about the white trash women that fornicate niggers ? They tolerate their debauchery, and co support it.

The white man is very lonely right now, and with no allies.

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An animal is either extinct, or its not. An animal xant be extinct in a certain area. Thats called extirpated. I fucking hate how people use the term extinct improperly. Its a lefty tactic used to stir up emotions in idiots to further an agenda.

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I thought it was just liberals having a limited vocabulary and more opinions than knowledge.

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I think you're supposed to, I don't know, like, or admire, or respect, your state animal in some way?

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Well, maybe, but the state animal for Michigan (my state) is the wolverine ... one of the most vicious animals on the planet. Kinda hard to admire or respect them. Also makes you wonder why on Earth they made them the state animal. Then again, very few things that legislatures do make a whole lot of sense.

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Detroit is also in your state, full of some of the most vicious animals on the planet. Niggers should be the Michigan state animal.

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What about the other states with larger nig populations?

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Move out of that shit hole!

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Not all of California is a shithole, I like a lot of the geographic beauty of the west coast. Redwood forests, the ocean, etc. I would rather we get rid of the niggers instead.