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Also, they aren't ugly because their skin is black. They're ugly because their fucking wide ass noses, massive chunky lips, and all that nasty primitive skull shape shit.... I was studying niggers on the subway today because of this post.

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thank you. i mean that.

i once googled (when i used to use jewgle) beautiful black women......

they were all ugly, super short hair and that "{copper eyeshadow" shit.....strip away their make up and they look like niggers. black women arent attractive to me. Japanese, Philippine, Thai, Russian, British,Irish, South America,Mexico.....pretty mush every race and culture has a woman id plug my dick into....africa? no thanks. theyre gross.

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There are pretty black female out there trust me. A rarer find but definitely out there. Janet Jackson,Kerry Washington, and Diamond White are prime examples.

Accurate post BTW.

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"Are you this stupid because you're black? Because if so, then yes."

Watch their brain explode

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stealing this.

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Watch their b̶r̶a̶i̶n̶ dick explode

They don't think with their brain.

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This is how I respond

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I worked at a "liberry" in a small town in the deep south for a few years. People using the computers had to sign a form saying they wouldn't abuse their computer privileges by watching porn (among other things). I caught a young black guy watching porn one day, and I told him he had to leave. He told me the only reason why I was kicking him out was because he was black. There were six computers in the place, and all of the other computers had black people at them...yet he insisted, and took a belligerent stance in front of my desk, glaring me down as I called the police. He stood there until a cop showed up and escorted him out.

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strange isnt it? its almost as if blacks are so used to lying and stealing from one another.... the nigger figures if he carries out an act long enough the advisory will bend. like a 9 year old.

so weird.... the way blacks constantly, and consistently act is almost as if....almost like they arent able to fit in with western society.

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god damnit!.. I am homeless in tampa bay and spend a lot of time at the library.. and of course, who is gonna be at the library in the middle of a work day other than complete low-lifes? these spooks are so loud on their phones, the 'women' are usually morbidly obese and they all smell like shit. And every fucking day at least one boot-lip lets their phone ring and ring then finally answer it and say "yo..Ahm at da libare"..

and they are technologically illiterate much worse than they are just regularly illiterate with the english language and always have to bring a librarian over to their computer and have to be shown step by step how to accomplish remedial tasks like sending a fucking email and it's just constant useless talking for ten minutes while i'm trying to listen to my own thing on my headphones.

And lastly, it's guaranteed that at least four(4) different shit-skins will bump me as they walk past my chair during every library visit. I'm sure you already know that i've never heard a 'excuse me', 'my bad' , 'whoops' etc..

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As a dirty Mexican, I can attest to this. They don't argue. They throw the 'oh it's cause I'm black' at you like it's a fucking get out of jail free card. I grew up around a few of them. And I worked with some. AMA

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Do you even nigger, faggot?

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Yes, I nigger all the faggots.

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Not only should there be a “golden goat” there should also be “ comment of the day” you sir or ma’am nailed it

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What do you think about the media phrase "blacks and Hispanics?"' Is it dragging Mexicans down to the level of pinche mayates?

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Hispanics are at a much, much higher level than blacks. It's an insult to Hispanics to group them in with blacks.

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Well first off, I don't watch what the media says. But Yes. Anyone with a 9th grade level biology course should fucking know that yes, we are all human, but also there are subspecies. Just like dogs, just like cats, like any other animal on the damn planet. And blacks... Well... Jesus... We are definitely not in the same category. I'm not saying because I'm Mexican I'm any better, I'm not a rocket scientist or a doctor... But my father taught me how to have a work ethic. My mother taught me how to have manners. My grandparents taught me how to have, and value, culture. And these fucking apes walk around saying whatever, doing whatever, like they have no brain. Immediately taking the easy way out, blaming you for being wayciss, the man holding them down and shiiiet... /End rant.

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I agree man. this black victim impulse is beyond tiresome.

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thats because blacks dont have impulse control, and are taught that america is wayciss. college campuses BLM and general niggerisms are liberals chickens coming home to roost. this is what you get when you coddle people because of their skin color rather than acheivements.

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Don't forget that every single time a nigger comes up to you in public he wants something for free from you. And don't forget those crime stats, 100 white women raped by niggers every day and that they commit 53% of the murders per annum. But no, of course I hate you just because of your skin color. Whatever.

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Just say yes it's because you're black. They already think you're racist so fuck em.

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It always reminds me of this

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