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i wish i had a little bit of money and more pull, i would make about 5 knock off shows of empire.

i would make soap opera style dramas based on nigger lifestyles, the drug dealer who is now a king pin of chicgao and has to handle the trials and tribulations of being a black man in america, sort of like sopranos, only with all the typical nigger shit blacks love.

i would make one about a dirt poor rapper who slangs the woo then gets multiple hits.

i would make one about a basketball star who got his start in the streets and is now they mayor or some shit.

the list goes on and on.

i would make a huge 8 part mini series about 2 pacs life acted by whoever the popular niger is this week, and have it star every popular person blacks like etc...

i would be a billionaire


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Niggers are to fucking stupid to get that. Tv by niggers for niggers.


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TV is by (((certain people))) for niggers.


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You racist dungpile, negro males were already smart enough to say fuck our racist American tv culture...take your dumbass to the link and actually read the info:

... [USA Negros] have $1,000,000,000 in buying power...The report found African-Americans women watch more television than men