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Lol. Solid cherry picking. White women have a less chance to be obese than sheboons. 63 percent for white women compared to 82 percent (!!) for sheboons.

Fuck off with your cherry picked bullshit.

And those sheboons are still ugly as fuck as nigger skin and negroid features are hideous.


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Not gonna argue the statistics. However, being fat is a choice and how someone acts is a choice. I'm not a SJW or whatever. I just noticed that this specime in the documentary "Welcome to Leith" is married to one of the white nationalists. Why claim to be superior if you cannot even keep your BMI in check? At least take care of yourself, then at least society might listen to you.


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In a meta-analysis of 140,525 people, they found the heritability of BMI was .75 to .82.





BMI is heritable up to 80 percent. Genetic correlates to obesity. My fave is the study that came out last week talking abkht BPA and it's link to adiposity.

It's more than environment involved (well the BPA part is environmental too), there are some genetic factors involved as well. Bmi is largely heritable.

I do see what you're talking about, with the most sloppy whites claiming supremacy, I do think it's retarded. But the picture is a huge misrepresentation of the matter. Sheboons do not look like that on average, as I said, 82 percent of sheboons are overweight or obese.


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The rare sheboon that isn't morbidly obese still doesn't come close to a fit white girl. This is even confirmed by rapeapes themselves. Haha you can contrast individuals at the extremes; there are plenty of "bottom of the barrel whites". But when it comes to the white race as a whole, black inferiority is painfully obvious.


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My point being, this lady is not superior to anyone. Neither is her beta husband. Both of them are disgusting welfare leeches with an addiction to food and nicotine. Most people who hold racist ideologies do so becsuse they want to blame their shortcomings on someone else. Socialists blame rich people, the new black panther party bames white people, and white nationalists blame other races/ immigrants. Anyone who holds those ideologies cannot thrive in the modern world. Incoming down votes... :)


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Oh they can thrive and do exceedingly well in the modern world. And they come onto sites like this to vent and escape from pc bullshit. It's not about blaming someone just to make myself feel better. It's blaming them because they are a cancer to society. My work and living situations have exposed me to just how malignant the black community is. They have problems you don't see in Indian, Asian, white or Hispanic communities


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