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Thanks for your PM. I wrote back about the not-so-beautiful website.

I agree with you about islands. There is some backstory on our discussion -- land is actually, probably the most talked about thing.

I would start here, in order:

There was a lot of other discussion. If you sort the subverse by new and go down, the order may make more sense.

For more "formalized" bits of research:

Which also has a wiki:

Let me know if that's too much to read or if you have any questions, debates, qualms, etc. Ultimately, all of the possible land locations seem pretty terrible in one regard or another, and I'm leaning towards what seems to have the lowest risk overall -- and doesn't feel like living on Mars.

Edit: Final tl;dr of my conclusion and where I am leaning: 40+ acres in Wyoming

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You may be right, but personally I am still not convinced that it's an instant death sentence. If you look at Freedom Ranch and similar movements, I don't think too many of them have just disappeared. And either way, it's a trade-off. Starting in the US has a ton of benefits. We might be able to coax.... 5, 10 people to inhabit an island a thousand miles away. We might be able to get a hundred people, fairly early on, if it's just a drive away. The infrastructure costs are probably at least 10x for an island, any island (in the ocean), versus land attached to the US.

With what you are saying, Fort Galt might not be a bad option. What do you think?

We should write up basic budgets and plans for each route and do some sort of cost / risk analysis. I absolutely agree with you that the legal risk is higher, but I currently think the risk is worth the reduced cost in other areas.


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I forgot my Slack credentials. :( I should probably make a new account. I'll check it out. I was on the IRC last night. I sent a whole BUNCH of links with islands we may use.

Look up: deserted island on Wikipedia, there are some good tropical ones. We can bolster tourist trade even.

We have to be clever. This is why I recommend we become entrepreneurs and business owners here and invest in the island with our oown cash and assets. We move our HQs to the island and voila.

I'd type more but I'm on my phone so.


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So I like your ideas but I vehemently think it will not work. I don't want you to be disheartened but that guy really did not think this through. Federal LAWS? No. Nope. They will view this as attempting to sieze US territory and take it into another country. Literally that's what we are doing actually. LITERALLY. My goodness that's painful to even say.

They will infiltrate us. They will start a media war and sabotage us. We're weak as it is trying to do this but they will most certainly do this.

I do NOT recommend trying to seize any US territory, it will end badly. I guarantee it. Whoever says otherwise either doesn't know or is trying to derail the project because damn if you knew what the feds would do... lol we'd be dead before dawn man.

Here's what we SHOULD do given enough money. A large private island. That's all we need, a large private island is all we need to begin. It'll be the first territory.

It needs the following: Good climate for agriculture and survival. Good location for transport to and from a source of health and supply Good terrain for building and infrastructure development

I'm sure there's more but that's the most important. I recommend jump starting the economy through agriculture and technology commerce. By technology commerce I mean use something so simple in a way that's never been done before. Ever.

We are going to take tech startups (the best, they're ours so of course they're the best ;) ) and make them big. Then we move the headquarters to the island. Then what? Well simple, we have to move our employees there too. They'll love the pay and location as well as the laws so they'll gladly do it. Then as a primary driver of the economy we will build up the infrastructure to support the new tenants.

We must ensure these startups won't fail so we need to take care of them greatly. Sabotage may be attempted on our companies by outside forces (you know who) so we have to be weary. I recommend redundancy, so we expand our markets immediately and begin trade, commerce, injecting our businesses into multiple trades under multiple names, etc. We will expand the empire faster than anyone can blink.

Also I would really like to have a hand in developing the constitution as there are so many things I would add to ensure that there is little question as to what it really meant. I don't want anyone misinterpreting this 500 years later. Lol

Anyway, I can talk forever. Maybe I should hop in the IRC then?

Also for the website, I can use either a template or start from scratch and use Bootstrap. I don't know Bootstrap at all but I've been meaning to learn. So should I just do that and make us an original site?