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You have an interesting point that any lifestyle or political (or apolitical) system is a means to an end, if it gets you a house and the things you want.

I'd like a modest living with a few businesses. One would be manufacturing motorcycles. In the current environment, I think it'd be tough to keep up with the emissions regulations, though not impossible. For cars, it's far worse. On the one hand, motorcycles have no value unless there's some place to ride them. Same thing with cars. Would need a hefty road infrastructure to sell them for more value than just exporting (if being built in Ancapistan).

I get that with a few compromises, I can probably have a very reasonable life all-around in the US.

The thing is, it's becoming worse and worse. More and more protected groups. Free speech is getting more difficult. The country is ran from interest groups, socialists, and drama queens. It's both a mess and disgusting.

If I shy away in my corner and don't say too much, I'll be fine. But what about the next generation? Or the one after that? What about when they try to purge the word: "Nigger" from the Internet? What about when college is government-run, with government programs? Taxes go up for the mass education system.

People already can't think much at all. They get in the system at such an early age. They are taught to be obedient and submissive for the "greater good".

I don't want to be a part of that. I guess my goal is that I will live in a place where I trust my neighbors. Where we can talk honestly, openly, and respectfully. Where each of us is decent enough to make our own decisions, but humble enough to work together when it's best. Where we aren't all forced to do things we may or may not agree with.

I would love a simple, comfortable existence, but also not be completely isolated from people. My conscience of what that entails seems to keep me from that.

I want to build a store and decide if I want to spend the money to have larger stalls for people with wheelchairs. I want to decide if having braile on every sign makes sense. I want to decide the unit of measure that I sell gasoline by. I want to decide my own hiring policies. If my whole staff is white men because they are the best I could find, why should I have to worry any more than that?

About the commune and civil service thing, I disagree. Those services which you'd have civil service for could probably be privatized. Even picking trash up the street is something where trash cleaners could compete and the people in the town would decide to fund one or another. For the roads, shopping centers and businesses would compete, eventually, on the level of who has the best roads. And who can support the blind and disabled customers. Some would, and some wouldn't.

It's like they are trying to pull society into a place where there's diversity only by skin tone, to a place where every company must provide the exact set of services and guarantees.

As always, thank you for your feedback, Reconn.

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I don't necessarily think our democratic systems today are very good, but they are the best we have, so it seems obvious that a democratic system is needed. For a while I hosted revolution.i2p, but took it down due to zero interest, but here's the proposal I made: http://pastebin.com/47GiiT44

Capitalism is a tool in my eyes as well. If there's no regulation, the market will simply be controlled by those with the means to manipulate it. Capitalism without a leash is just tyranny (corporatism/oligarchy, like the US is now).

Mandatory civil service is a pretty interesting idea though, but I think you'd still need 'officers' or some sort of rank which differentiates the common people from those who have civil service as an occupation and are well-trained with a lot of experience.