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Hi Coopzy,

I'm just going to go right on down the list here, if you don't mind.

I would say that writing has been one of my greatest strengths over the years. It's a blessing and a curse sometimes and I've found myself leaning more towards learning grey to black hat techniques in terms of using words/presentations to manipulate/sway/steer others thinking, especially in online forums. I'm just being open here because you and anyone else deserves the right to know that my very particular set of skills borders on social engineering. I've done inside sales most of my life as well as customer service and tech support jobs so learning how to listen, how to take directions, how to relay information accurately and concisely, being able to coordinate projects and work well with small groups of individuals from very differing backgrounds and walks of life in a team setting.

When I volunteered on a homestead / organic farm for roughly five months, I helped grow everything from squash, melons, various sorts of beans, carrots, tomatoes, onions, etc. I wasn't selling them myself and at that time, they were not for sale anyway but for the man I studied under, and his family.

How I will earn my capital is up in the air to tell you the truth. This is where I need training, direction and guidance. All I know for certain is I will do whatever it takes and it will happen, without a doubt. That is how much drive and determination I have. I just need to learn more so I have a better idea of what I'm working with and how to piece this all together.

I do NOT plan on having children ever and do not have a woman.

I drink occasionally, usually a 24oz beer after work a few nights a week and I am significantly cutting back on cigarettes. I have smoked a bit of weed here and there but that is the extent of my drug use as of the last 6 months.

As far as supporting the less fortunate, I believe in helping my fellow man whenever it is able and within my means. I spent about seven months of my life homeless and trying to navigate through programs that the State offered to assist with getting into housing, mental health care, etc while I worked a part time job. I have been given so much and honestly I feel it was very undeserved and given by nothing short of some kind of cosmic grace.

I believe in helping those who are pro-actively seeking to help themselves.

I hope that answers your questions. If not please let me know and I can expound on certain areas

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Hi CM,

It's great to hear from you. Also glad that you have some first hand farming and homesteading experience.

Could you tell me what things you learned homesteading and farming that you expected the least? Perhaps there are some obvious gotchas most of us will think of, but I'm curious about what issues we won't expect to see coming.

Have you seen the upcoming meetups in /v/goatsgulch on the sidebar? Might you be able to make it out to any one of those?

Do you think that it's better to pay more for land to buy a timbered property or can you make a high desert property just as viable as long as water is available?

Thank you!



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It's quite an honor to hear from you (and so quickly)!

Some of the things that I learned that I expected the least was how quickly vices, habits, unresolved inner struggles, etc, begin to manifest themselves in the strangest ways when you withdraw yourself from the tangled cords of the societal behemoth in retreat back out to nature. If you are unprepared it can be quite a surprise and could lead to problems, by which I mean lack of proper communication with those around you, feelings of insecurity, inexplicable mood swings, etc. This is just a sort of 'detox' period as I call it, but the process is essential to having a healthy relationship with the land, your surroundings, the folks you commune with and last, but not least, with yourself. It's definitely NOT for everyone though. It's not about the 'romance' of the idea. This is real life. It's back breaking, it's terrifying at times and it takes people of wisdom mingled well with grit to make it in this kind of environment that has been proposed.

Ultimately though, I feel that it is, at our current stage of human development, Man's highest of callings.

If you're familiar with Joseph Campbell, he makes a statement in Hero of A Thousand Faces about how Man in our modern age has a very vague and foggy sort of personal mythology. I believe one of the most detrimental problems one can face is not having a clearly defined vision of what it is they WANT. Otherwise one is like a ship out at sea without an oar, just tossed around to and 'fro by the lusts and passions and desires of life.

What I want, more than anything else, is to overcome this system that exists all around me that we often liken to a Matrix. I want to live intentionally, with every ounce of my being. I want to create and to give and contribute to the community of my choice, that I collaborate and have a role in upholding and maintaining; not merely a cog in the machine. This is entirely possible and when I discovered, by sheer accident, your work (I originally stumbled on your blog on Tor) I felt this feeling rise up and swell inside of me telling me that this is where I may contribute my energies, what resources I may have or can obtain and assist with in any way, shape or fashion that I possibly can.

I currently work a fast paced job in fast food while I save as much money as I can (hoping to start investing in Cryptocurrency, maybe you can offer suggestions?) and then eventually relocate from the DFW metroplex once we have a better idea or solid foundation in place to start constructing and building an actual village/community. Also there is a group of people that are starting a high desert village/community much like your vision for /v/goatsgulch that I can give you information to. They're on Facebook as "The Desert People". Let me see if I can get some info. I like where their head is at but it's a bit too new agey and in a lot of ways still very statist based on the looks of the folks that are trying to get involved. But yes, as long as water is available, I think high desert can work just fine. I do like the timbered property better though.

You mentioned in another thread that the property was $250/acre in West Texas? Is that still a going rate or did I misread something?




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The Desert People are already currently living on 40 acres near Elko, NV. They look to be Burning Man type people who want to live the Burning Man experience year round.

They're a closed group, you'd have to get approved to learn much about them. You can see all the members though, to get a feel for who they are.


We are a group of dreamers who have decided that it is time to come together.

Many of us have felt alone and/or our ideas misunderstood; suppressed physically, emotionally, and spiritually by the current workings of society. We have decided that together we can enjoy the peace of an open minded community, make world change, and pave the way on the conscious shift that we have all felt and heard is coming.

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world" - Ghandi

As of right now, we have opened ourselves to inhabit 40 acres of land in Elko, Nevada. We would love to expand this community beyond these boundaries, and beyond these boarders.

"I hope someday you'll join us and the world will live as one." - John Lennon


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If there was a permanent position open in the Gulch, would you be able to accept it?

Do you have reliable transportation that can make the 7 hour drive down I-20 to the commune?

Are you able to get away for a week or two even, and help with the important work needed to prepare the soil?

If not you personally, are there others you could recruit to this cause?

Do you have any ideas on how to create an extended community? Would you be interested in a Goats Gulch window decal or bumper sticker?



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I'm responding from mobile so I'm gonna keep this short a little bit but if there was a permanent position available, YES I would jump on it in a heartbeat. I don't have transportation of my own but I would take a Greyhound to get as closeby as I could and walk the rest of the way or hitchhike or whatever bottomline I would make it there no matter what.

I don't have any ties anywhere to anything so yes I would be able to get away for a week or two but I would hopefully seek to set up some kind of camp there on site so that I could dedicate all of my time, energies, resources and myself to the New Country Project and Goats Gulch. I could come and stay and work (without a doubt, willing to pull my weight) as long as Teran or anyone else may have me there.

I have a few people in mind but I'm leery as not everyone is prepared to detach and unplug and rebuild from scratch like this. As far as ideas, I'm not sure how public you or Teran want to make NCP in terms of an online presence but I do a lot of content market writing as I mentioned and I think a blog documenting the whole development and construction of Goats Gulch through writing, photography, film etc would be a really nice way to raise awareness and I have done a considerable amount of campaign managing and, trust me, there are people willing to contribute so we can make this vision into a reality.

I think that figuring out what types of people we would want in the community is paramount, not to sound unwelcoming but you and I both know there are types that would just not work out. Once we determine who we are looking for, I can 'fish' for them or 'scout' whatever you want to call it and I can vet potential recruits from various groups, forums, etc.

I dont have a car for a decal or bumper sticker but I'd put one on my laptop for sure!


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That's fantastic.

There is a greyhound terminal in Van Horn TX.


Walking speed is 3 miles an hour. You could make the walk in 5 to 8 hours I would guess.

Bus Station Address:

Van Horn Bus Stop

1807 Frontage Rd (I-10 SW Frontage road near Golf Course Drive)

Bus Stop Only

Van Horn, TX 79855

(800) 231-2222

I would think some info would be needed. A rental history. A background check. A reference list. Some kind of info would be needed depending on position and responsibility.

Not asking right now. But at some future point general info might be requested.

Employment App


Rental App


Swag ideas shirt, souvenir plastic cup, key chain, regular stickers, poster, drink cozy, plush toy goat, brochure, business card