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billyland.com - Auctioneer that sells subdivided plots, typically by developers when laws were more favorable to that kind of thing. It's contract for deed, and because it's land all the due diligence is on you and the seller makes almost no representations, but you can call the auctioneer up and he seems legit and will give you a bunch of information. Not sure which state you'd want, but when you do pick maybe this would make it easier to find an area to colonize. I'm in Oregon rn. Buying a couple acres of Ponderosa forest and plopping down a septic, well and manufactured home sounds comfy as fuck.

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New Hampshire or Utah.

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Is New Hampshire viable from a cost perspective for acreage that you can be largely self-sustainable on? What cost per acre should I expect?

I am sure Utah is cheap enough. I like New Hampshire from what I've heard of it. Hoping to head to Porc Fest one of these years.

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There was a movie about that. It didn't end well

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Already have that it is called california

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Braaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaainwashed Libtard alert.