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Surprisingly, it isn't as clearly as illegal as I would have thought:

As long as we are going after clear scoundrels that aren't at all aligned with US interests we'd probably be ok.

they may have functional socialism that "works" because of their size. Those people would be hard to convince.

Socialism is fully compatible with an ancap society so long as it is voluntary, I expect the only way this works would be some form of minarchism, especially if we want to remain recognized by foreign governments in any way.


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What I meant by "works" was, for example, the country of 800 people, I could see that country currently being in one of two "extremes" either the people rely on their government for everything (with a country that size it won't have as many problems like a big country and won't have bureaucracy) or a minarchy where everyone has essentially the freedom to do whatever.

I know voluntary socialist communes could fit in fine with an ancap society. I was saying if the country is very heavily reliant on the current state it would be hard to convince them to be on your side.

Edit: I just looked at my link again and realized what country has the 800 population lol. That "country" is owned by the Catholic church.